The Cleveland Foundation Report to the Community 2010-2011

The Cleveland Foundation Report to the Community 2010-2011

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2010 New Gifts

The idea for the Cleveland Foundation sprang from the mind of Frederick Harris Goff, CEO of Cleveland Trust Bank and a mover and shaker in the city who liked to think big.

His innovative spirit led to our founding in 1914, making it possible for Greater Clevelanders of all means to build a lasting legacy.

In 2010, we received $44.6 million in new gifts, large and small, that created family funds, supported special initiatives, or provided broad support for our work.

Although these gifts and funds support many different causes, the overarching intention is the same: improving the quality of life for Greater Clevelanders in Cuyahoga, Lake, and Geauga counties.

We are so deeply appreciative of the tremendous support and generosity of our donors and what they enable the foundation to do for our beloved community.



A/L Missionary Society

Carol Abraham

Ian Abrams, Agnes Gaso, Ellen McPeake and Marlene Gross

Charles E. Adams Trust

Charles W. Adams

Jennie B. Adams Trust

Adams/Conover Nongrantor Charitable Lead Trust

Admiral Products Inc.

James R. Aerni

Ahuja Foundation

Wayne and Marnie Albers

Peter Albert

Herbruck Alder

Mark F. Alder

Rose V. Alfano

Roberto and Lisa Almenar

American Orff-Schulwerk Association

Arlene Anderson

Gregory L. Anderson

Leon Anderson III

Mark E. Angel

Robert Angiocchi

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Antioch Baptist Church

Janice S. Apple


Patrick Arch

Petros and Nita Argyres

Rick and Sheila Armbrust

Lois C. Armington

Kate and Ric Asbeck

Keith A. Ashmus

AVI Foodsystems Inc.


B.K. Electric Inc.

Marvelous R. Baker

Treg W. Balding

Reka Barabas

David S. Barchet

Michael Barnhart

Mark Barr

Maribeth C. Barrett

Timothy C. Barry

Dr. Harry Bartels

Cynthia Bassett

Bay Village City School District

Bay Village Educational Foundation

David Beach

Timothy A. Beach

Carol M. Beaumier

Bedford Historical Society

Edward F. and Barbara A. Bell Family Foundation

Ronald and Diane Bell

Tina M. Belz

Sheryl King Benford

Dr. Emma B. Benning

D.F. Bercu

Elaine B. Bercu

Michael P. Bergeron Foundation Inc.

Berlin Family Foundation

Renee Berry

Craig B. Berson

James T. Bickel

William Binggeli

Black Shield Police Association

Cassandra Bledsoe

Charles K. Bolton

Charles P. Bolton

Benny and Deborah Bonanno

Peter and Georgia Bosomworth

Embie Bostic

Christopher Brandt and Beth Brandt Sersig

Paul and Marilyn* Brentlinger

Lois R. Briggs Trust

Heather A. Brigham

James R. Bright

Mary S. Bright

Virgil and Barbara Broering

John and Marilyn Brooks

William and Harriet Brooks

Brown Kunze Foundation

Marzella I. Brown

Phyllis Brown

Eva L. and Joseph M. Bruening Foundation

Marilyn M. Bruneau

Bryant & Stratton

Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs LLP

F. Buddie Contracting Ltd.

Cecilia Budnick and Virginia Steplar

M. Carol Bugg, Esq.

Charles Burkett Sr.

Debra Burns

James Butler and Kathy Kolesar-Aftoora

Marc and Victoria Byrnes


Richard and Doreen Cahoon

Salvatore and Marie Calandra

Janice C. Calfee

Robert M. and Lori B. Campana Foundation

Mary Campbell

Richard and Stacy Campbell

Arnold and Bonita Caplan

Michael F. Caputo

Anne H. Carney

Pinkey S. Carr, Esq.

Eleanor J. Carter

Mary Jane Cera

Karen Chaky

Champion Rotary Club

Change for Charity – Legacy Village

Kelly Chapman

Inajo D. Chappell

Beverly R. Charles

Michael Charnofsky

Joseph M. Chatlos

Gerald Chattman

Chesler Group

M. Jane Christyson

Ciano and Goldwasser LLP

City Mission

Deborah S. Clarke

William D. Clegg

Cleveland Browns Football Co. LLC

Cleveland Carats Inc.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Center for Arts and Technology

Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Cleveland Foodbank Inc.

Cleveland Indians Baseball Co.

Cleveland Industrial Warehouse Corp.

Cleveland Metroparks

Cleveland Metroparks Charity Choice Program

Cleveland Photographic Society

Cleveland Restoration Society Inc.

Cleveland Women's City Club Foundation

John R. Climaco

Michael and Karen Climaco

Charles H. Coit Trust #2

Helen C. Cole Charitable Trust

Thomas Coles

Daniel J. Coley

Committee to Elect Robert C. Klaiber

Communion of Saints Parish

Concord Road Equipment Mfg. Inc.

David P. Condit

Eileen G. Consolo

Mary and William Conway

Peter F. Conway

William and Amy Conway

Anne J. Cook

David and Elaine Cook

Kenneth Cooley

Suzanne Cooper

Linda Costello

Jane E. Coulby Trust

Richard F. Coyne

Joseph K. Crabbe

Cathy L. Crabtree

Dan Crandall

Cravat Coal Co.

Thomas and Sondra Cristal

Constance A. Crowley

Nathan Cummings Foundation Inc.

Beth Curtiss

Tim and Susan Curtiss Fund

Cuyahoga Valley National Park Association

Cypress Corp.


John E. Davies

Lois L. Davis

Michael and Lauren Davis

Diane M. De Grazia

Andrea and Chad Deal

Jenniffer Deckard

On behalf of the widow and friends of Rick Decosky

Roger J. Deike

James and Ann Delaney

Delta Railroad Construction Inc.

Patricia A. Deno

Lynea M. Derwis

Patricia W. Dery

Caroline H. DesPrez

Jeanne Diamond

Eric L. Dicken

Christopher D. Diehl

Anthony M. DiGeronimo

Marie C. Dill

DLZ Ohio Inc.

Doll Family Foundation

Henry and Mary Doll

Dollar Bank Foundation

Dominion East Ohio

Dominion Foundation

Daniel and Catherine Dorocak

Estate of John E. Doxsey

Patricia J. Doyle

David Drechsler

David Duane

Linda Dukes-Campbell

Curtis Duncan

Leslie A. Dunford

Edwin and Marion Durham

Warren and Zoann Dusenbury Charitable Trust


Early Childhood Enrichment Center Inc.

Terri B. Eason

Eaton Charitable Fund

Bob and Ginny Eckardt

Melvyn and Nancy Effron

Kevin J. Ellison

Hamilton and Lillian Emmons

Ann and Richard Ernst

Esperanza Inc.

Heather R. Ettinger

Jeanette L. Eustache

Doris A. Evans, M.D.


Ann Fairhurst

Family Connections of Northeast Ohio

Allison L. Farmer

Donald A. Farmer Memorial Contributions

Carl Farona

Pamela K. Faup

Michelle P. Fay

Nicholas J. Federico Sr. and Nicholas J. Federico Jr.

First Tee of Cleveland

First Unitarian Church of Cleveland

Stanley* Fisher and Beverly Ludwig

Phillip and Lailonne Fong

Alan Forman

Philip Forrest

Linda L. Fousek

Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland

Gerda and Don Freedheim

Carol A. Fricke

Estate of Eddie L. Fryer Jr.

Jared Fuller

Arthur L. Fullmer

David* and Peg Fullmer


Barry and Heather Gale

Monica Galko

Donald and Yolanda Games Family Trust

Terri A. Gasser

Patricia and Joseph Gaul

Bruce Gaynor and Patricia O'Donnell

Charles and Melanie Geggie

Raymond L. Gellein Jr.

Louis Giesler and Cynthia Tancer

Ginn Foundation

Anne and Walter Ginn Fund

Anthony J. Giunta Jr.

Michael and Stacey Gladysz

Mary Hudson Glazer

Robert and JoAnn Glick

Ted and Nancy Goble

Danielle M. Goetz

Ira and Cynthia Goffman

Anil and Prema Gogate

Jeffrey and Nadine Goldberg

Michael and Stacy Goldberg

Philip and Beth Goldstein

Ruth Weber Goodman Trust

Deborah A. Gordon

Joseph T. Gorman and Family Fund

Gothic Lodge #122

GradsNet Foundation of Cleveland Ohio

Thea M. Graham

Great Geauga County Fair Foundation

Greater Cleveland Peace Officers Memorial Society

Geofrey J. Greenleaf

Floyd J. Greer Jr.

Robert and Sally Gries

Ronda L. Griffin

Nancy Hancock Griffith

Harley and Rochelle Gross

Judd and Zetta Gross Trust

Grossi Family Foundation

Guardian Title & Guaranty Agency Inc.

James and Jacqueline Guhde

George Gund Foundation

Marie L. Gustavsson-Monago


H.I.J.K. International LLC

James and Shelly Haas

Richard M. Haber Trust

Rev. Edward T. Haggins

Vivian and Garland Hairston

Claire Anctil Hall

Dr. Howard R. Hall

Dr. Jeanie M. Hall

Janet L. Hallman

Dr. Awilda Hamilton

Ambassador Holsey Gates Handyside

Karen J. Harding

Johnette Y. Hardy

Harmony Lodge #77

Millie Harnocz

Donald Harrington

Barbara L. Harris

Vern J. Hartenburg

Dr. Shattuck W. Hartwell Jr.

Dorothea Hassler Trust

Roger Hayes

Todd Allen Headley Fund

Grant and Kathryn Heinauer

Peter Hellman Family Fund

Lois S. Helmick

Phyllis A. Henry

Linda Rae and Andrew Hertz

Anne and Thomas Hilbert

Chris and Virginia Hill

David E. Hills

Edith F. Hirsch Philanthropic Fund

David Hoffmann and Regina Shaw

Shelby L. Holmes

William and Katherine Holt

Jeffery Hood and Pamela Smith-Hood

Rita Schraff Hooper

Kenneth and Margaret Hopkins

Thomas E. Hopkins

Rebecca J. Horter

Michael J. Horvitz

William D. Howerton

Joel S. Howson

Jacqueline L. Hoyt

Owen M. Hudac

Gary and Barbara Hughes

Timothy and Margaret Hughes

Estate of Adria D. Humphreys

Kathleen C. Hunt Trust


Indian Orchard Farm

Louise H. and David S. Ingalls Foundation

Katherine M. Ingersoll

Invacare Corp.

Irish American Archives Society

Craig and Kimberly Irish

Italian Sons and Daughters of America – Fidelia Lodge No. 169


Susan V. Iverson


Mayor Frank Jackson Fundraising Event

Stephen and Alison Jackson

Janitorial Services Inc.

Russell and Joanne Jankowski

Philip W. Jennings

Irving F. Jensen Jr.

Tigger and Irving Jensen Foundation

Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland

Jerry and Jill Johnson

Clifton and Lessie Jones

Jerry W. Jones III

L. Morris and Adrienne Jones

Michelle Joseph

Anne and Joseph Juster


Peter Kahnert

Jeanette A. Kairis

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Ohio

Kaiser Permanente

Patricia L. Kalbac

Walter E. Kalberer

Jayne Kandzer

Karen J. Kannenberg

Katherine I. Kanzinger

Kurt Karakul

Louise Keating

Keithley Instruments

Brian M. Kelley

Susan E. Kelley

Brian Kempton

David and Meredith Kempton

Kendis Family Trust

R. Eric Kennedy

Richard J. Kerber

Key Foundation


Drew and Pam Kirian

Jennifer Kirian

Susan Klarreich Trust

Michael Klein

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

Patricia A. Knoth

Dale Kocen and R. Robertson Hilton

Stewart A. Kohl

Sandra I. Kiely Kolb

Kokosing Construction Co. Inc.

Diane D. Kortan

John Kosek

Brian and Dianne Kost

Cindy Koury

John and Nora Kowalchik

Kresge Foundation

Robert Kriensky

KS Associates Inc.

Rosemarie J. Kuntz and Karen Scheirer

Lisa Kurzner

KZ Financial Services Inc.


William C. Lahman

Lake View Cemetery Association

Lakewood Historical Society

Tom H. Lang

John and Karen Lanigan

Avis E. Lappin Trust

Arthur and Diane Lavin

Donald B. Lawrence

Benson and Vicki Lee

Alan Lerner and Erica New

Marcia and Harold Levine Philanthropic Fund

Debra Lewis-Curlee

Sue M. Livingston

Donald Loftus

Gabrielle B. Love

Gilbert and Carol Lowenthal

James G. Lubetkin

Celia N. Lunan Sinclair

Dino Lustri

Byron Lutman


Karen MacDonald

Alex Machaskee

Linda Macklin

Dennis Madden

Philip S. Madden

Leo J. Mahoney

Kent and Debra Majewski

Morton and Barbara Mandel Family Foundation, Jack and Lilyan Mandel Family Foundation, and the Joseph and Florence Mandel Family Foundation

Anthony J. Marra

Estate of Florence G. Marsh

John Marshall Alumni Association

Dr. Nancy-Clay Marsteller Charitable Foundation

Robert F. Martens

Evan Martinsek

Dr. Elizabeth B. Mastrangelo

Ellen L. Mastrangelo

Lisa B. Mastrangelo

Ellen Mattingly

Maynard Family Foundation

Richard E. McAteer

Elizabeth F. McBride

Tim McCarthy

David L. McClafferty

William McClung

Diane O. McDaniel

Dr. James McGlamery

Jamie A. McGuire

Lawrence and Sheila McHale

David J. McNamee

Anita S. McNeal

Medical Mutual of Ohio Inc.

Medical Service Company

Mark and Rebecca Mehill

Ray Mendelsohn and Marilyn Weston

Aaron L. Mercer

Estate of Albert Y. and Kathryn A. Meriam

Jerome Micco and Patricia Schraff

Anthony and Carol Michel

Microsoft Giving Campaign

Microsoft Matching Gifts Program

Jason R. Mielke

Meredith Milbourn

Milestones Autism Organization

Antoinette S. Miller

Carrie E. Miller

Richard and Betty Milum

Steven and Dolly Minter

Douglas E. Mitchell Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Mobile Giving Foundation

Ajit and Shakuntala Modi

Laura M. Moelchert GST Trust

Louis W. Moelchert III GST Trust

Paul F. Monica

Eric and Jessica Moore

Jack Moore

Thomas M. Morley

Elizabeth Moro

Joan R. Mortimer, Ph.D.

Patrick Moughan Jr., Tom and Lynn Evans, and Jim and

Jane McCarthy

Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation

Felice Mueller

Hartwell Mueller

Andrew Mull Family, Nancy Patrick Ward, and Richard McHugh

Lauren K. Mullins

Susan B. Murphy

Hilton and Sheila Murray

Kelly Murton

MWH Americas Inc.


NAMI Greater Cleveland

National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the State of Ohio

Thomas and Jackie Neal

Beverly A. Nemitz

Jane and Frederick Neubauer

Holly and David Neumann

New Avenues to Independence Inc.

Newell Rubbermaid

Stuart Nickerson, Ned Eastman, and Jim Botsford

Peggy Niemann

Nordson Corp. Foundation

North Coast Community Homes Inc.

Northeast Ohio Neighborhood Health Services Inc.

Elizabeth B. Nuechterlein


Robert G. O'Brien

William and Elaine O'Brien

Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC

James B. Oswald Company

Coletta Ottinger

Ericka A. Owens

Owens-Illinois Fund of the Charities Foundation

Ozanne Construction Company Inc.


Denise Papotto

Park Foundation

Park Synagogue

Parker Hannifin Foundation

Partners Investing in Nursing's Future

Velma L. Paschall

Mary Grace Pattison

Payne Fund

Luke Wilson Peck Family Fund

Jessica M. Peden

Mark and Julia Pelton

Perceptis LLC

Stephen and Felicia Perry

Karen B. Petkovic

Deborah and T.P. Petrick

David and Patricia Petro

Dennis M. Pfizenmayer

Sandra Pianalto

John and Jean Piety

Jane E. Pinkas

Douglas and Renee Piper

Karyn Pistone CFP

Lauren E. Plagens

Craig T. Platt

Mark J. Plush

PNC Foundation

Polish-American Cultural Center in Honor of John Paul II

Estate of Barbara Potter

Edward Povaraznik

Precision Environmental Co.

Premier Exhibitions Inc.

Robert Prendes

Presidents Council Foundation Inc.

Julie M. Price

Janet M. and Carol Priebe

John and Norine Prim

Prince & Izant

William C. Prior

Process Control and Instrumentation LLC

Jane K. Prochazka

Loretta J. Prochazka

Progressive Insurance Foundation

Estate of Lillian D. Prond



Richard E. Quinn Jr.


R & J Trucking, Inc.

P. Eric and Carol A. Ralston

Moises and Diane Ramos

P.K. Ranney Foundation

James and Mari Ann Rasmussen

John B. Raufus

Carla Rautenberg

Todd and Mary Ray

Stephen and Caryn Reardon

Jordan A. Reber

Amelia N. Reed

Donna M. Reed

Reinberger Foundation

Alayne L. Reitman

Robert S. and Sylvia K. Reitman Family Philanthropic Fund

Charlie Rial and Mary LaPorte

Ronald B. Richard

Almuth E. Riggs

Charles A. Rini

Dominique L. River

RLG Irrevocable Trust

Thomas Robatin

Scott Robbins

Robinson Family Philanthropic Fund

Katie and Baron Robinson

Terry Robison

Ann E. Rocco

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation

Rockefeller Foundation

Nancy G. Rome

Scott J. Rose

Gina Ross

Thomas and Melanie Ross

Robert Rotatori

Estate of E.J. Rothman

Rose Mary Rowland and Curt Ohlsson

Charlie Rowley

RPM International Inc.

Denise Rucker-Burton

Susan M. Ruflin

Scott Ruesswick and Barbara Cook

Rumpke of Northern Ohio

Signe A. Russo Trust

Timothy P. Ryan


Marilyn Sadler

Safeguard Properties Inc.

Massoud Saidpour

Saint Luke's Foundation of Cleveland Ohio

Mireille Salick

Terri Salisbury

Shelly Saltzman

Helen M. Savage

Angela Sawyer

Karen Sayre

Margaret R. Scharf

Jonathan B. Scherpelz

Elliott and Gail Schlang

Kathleen T. Schlemmer

Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trusts, Fifth Third Bank, Trustee

Michael and Kathleen Schmidt

Virgene G. Schreckengost

Robert J. Schulmann

Stephen Schultz

Todd W. Schultz

Cynthia and Richard Schulz

James and Mary Schwab

Bela R. Schwartz

Barbara J. Schwarz

Schwebel Family Foundation

The Scottish-American Cultural Society of Ohio Inc.

Christina Seabold

Ronald and Vicky Seide

Susan V. Seitz

Michael Seminatore dba E. and M. Builders

Shaker Heights Public Library

Debra Shankland

Margaret Shea

Cynthia K. Shelby

Colin M. Sheppard

Christine M. Sherwin

Kim Sherwin

Reginald Shiverick

Shook Construction Inc.

Marjorie B. Shorrock

Robert Shwab

Caroline B. Silver

Dan and Linda Silverberg

Margaret R. Simmons

Scott Simpson

Jeffrey Simske and Heather Vallier

Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland

Luke J. Skurman

Smart Business Network Inc.

Larry M. Smiley

Darlene Smith

David and Irene Smith

Rev. Hilton Smith

Karla N. Smith

Kempton A. Smith

Kent H. Smith Charitable Trust

Patrick and Margaret Smith

George and Karen Sobieraj

Sogg Foundation

Constance J. Speed

Chann F. Spellman

Earl W. Stafford

Elizabeth Starr

Lois Stauffer and Karen and Doug Cooper

Cathy A. Stawarski

Kathleen L. Stecky

Daniel and Carol Stegmaier

S.E. Stephens, M.D.

Scott and Christine Stephens

Luther and Elaine Stevens

Jack Stillman

Stocker Foundation

Dr. Marlene C. Stoiber-Burroughs

Helen F. Stolier and Louis Stolier Family Foundation

Norman S. Strelka

Matthew Strobel

Donna L. Studniarz

G. Walter Stuelpe Jr.

Vickie Suazo

T. Sean and Mary Sullivan

Thomas A. Sullivan

Thomas C. Sullivan Jr.

James and Kathleen Szabo


Jeffrey Taggart

Nelson Talbott Foundation

Sandra Tata

Karen H. Taylor

Jennifer A. Teeter

Terrace Construction Co. Inc.

Tharo Systems Inc.

Thomas M. Thatcher

Third Federal Foundation

Larry J. Thomas and Caprice H. Bragg

Margaret A. Thomas, Ph.D.

Mary F. Thomas

Thompson Hine LLP

Mr. and Mrs. Neil L. Thompson

Dr. Ruth Nash Thompson

Vincent and Nancy Thompson

Jan Thrope

Thunder Bay Enterprises LLC

Craig A. Tomeo

Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation Inc.

Heather Triplett

Edna I. Turner


United Survey Inc.

Unity Lodge #115

David and Molly Urban

Utilicon Corp.


Benjamin F. Vail

Beverly M. Vail

Katherine Vail

Robert S. Varda

Mark A. Vergilii

Victory Capital Management


John and Jane Wagman

Iva Walker

Douglas and Holly B. Wang

David M. Ward Trust

R.E. Warner & Associates Inc.

Neil R. and Constance B. Waxman

Helen T. Weber Family Foundation

Mary Wehrle

Weingart Design

Robert and Vicki Weltman

Richard Werner and Barbara Langhenry

Stanley and Sally Wertheim

Wesco Inc.

Western Reserve Chapter of Links Inc.

Western Reserve Trail Running Inc.

Phillis Wheatley Association of Cleveland

Carmel B. Whiting

Robert and Evelyn Wick

John W. Wilhelm Jr.

Arthur P. Williamson Trust

Elizabeth M. Williamson Trust

Walter Willoughby III

H. Robert and Hope Wismar

Margaret W. Wong

Lauren Woo

James and Anita Woodward

William Wray and Darien Woo Torrey


X-Ray Parts Inc.


Sylvia Yankey

John and Veda Yohe

Christine Yoke

Sally K. Young


Richard M. Zanath

Paula D. Zeisler

Ann E. Zellmer

Zeta Omega Scholarship Fund Inc.

Robert and Lisa Zimmerman

Kalman Zucker and Mary Haerr




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