Our grantees make us proud

The documentary PolyCultures: Food Where We Live  is set to screen March 25 and 26 at the Cleveland International Film Festival.
One of our grantees, the New Agrarian Center, partnered with LESS Productions, to produce the film. The documentary  highlights a lot of the innovative work being done around Northeast Ohio to grow a more just and sustainable food system, including City Fresh and the George Jones Farm in Oberlin.
From the Cleveland Film Society site:

In POLY CULTURES, local filmmaker Tom Kondilas describes the thriving effort in Northeast Ohio to bring back small scale, sustainable organic farming. In contemporary society, which is based on industrialized agriculture, food is typically moved 1,500-1,800 miles from place of growth to place of consumption. This results in the use of a huge amount of hydrocarbon fuels, not to mention a reliance on often harmful growing technologies.

Do you plan to check it out?