Reflections From the Community

Over the past few months, the community responsive team has held another series of dialogues with nonprofit agencies in branches of the Cleveland library system. We have had the privilege of meeting with over 130 individuals representing the many sectors of...

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The Arts Reformation 2.0

In a number of past blog posts I have talked about how the world within which the arts now function has changed so dramatically that there are real questions about the relevance of the arts as traditionally experienced. I wrote about this dilemma, among...

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Advice From Grantees

A discussion of hashtags needs to start with a discussion of Twitter. I first blogged about Twitter in early 2009 (see post). Since that time more and more nonprofits and foundations have started using it (including @CleveFoundation). On the other hand, many...

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Planters at Playhouse Square

Blooming Euclid

I have had occasion, these warm summer days, to walk outside for lunch. In addition to being able to get out of the frigid office air conditioning, my great delight has been walking up Euclid Avenue toward Public Square. Yes, you heard me – a delight to...

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2010 Intern Class

Lessons Learned From Our 2010 Intern Class

Two of the Objectives of the Cleveland Foundation’s Summer Internship Program are: to provide a meaningful career-related work experience and to stimulate interest in the nonprofit sector. On August 19, we said our goodbyes to the intern class of...

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Modesto Acosta

How I Spent My Summer: Modesto Acosta

Every day, people search for that one thing that inspires them. They look for that something that excites them every morning when they wake up or titillates their imagination as they push through another hard day's work. I too, have been looking for my...

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Monica Laco

How I Spent My Summer: Monica Laco

The Cleveland Foundation summer internship program is about going outside your comfort zone. Every week, in both our jobs and the weekly development seminars, we are challenged to think differently, dream big and jump in to new experiences, even if we’re not...

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Adam Yasinow

How I Spent My Summer: Adam Yasinow

As someone who has been a member of two different summer internship programs, I have learned that there is only one factor that determines the "worthwhileness" of an internship—your relationship with your supervisor. Lucky interns are placed with a stellar...

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Kachi Udeoji

How I Spent My Summer: Kachi Udeoji

Opera Cleveland was born in 2006 out of the amalgamation of two Cleveland-based nonprofit arts organizations with similar missions. The Lyric Opera of Cleveland and Cleveland Opera both had a mission of enriching the communities of Northeast Ohio by staging...

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