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Summer of Purpose: The Perfect Balance

By Caroline WoznickiThe MetroHealth System When you think of a hospital, you might think of a place to go when you’re ill or hurt. You might envision doctors and nurses with stethoscopes ready to help. You might hear the sirens and imagine the flashing...

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Summer of Purpose: Everyone is Welcome

By Dana J. Smith Cleveland Special Events Corporation/Gay Games 9 To me, the city of Cleveland has always represented new beginnings and personal growth. I moved to Cleveland in 2011 to attend Cleveland State University, and my experience in the city has...

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Summer of Purpose: Call for Places

By Jamie Orr Cleveland Public Theatre I do not consider myself particularly creative or artistic. I have never been in a play, and the last play I went to was in the Little Theatre of Ursuline College, where I supported a friend from the back row. So how...

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