Join us at Philanthropy Forward ’18!

Are you attending Philanthropy Ohio’s Philanthropy Forward ’18 conference next week? A number of Cleveland Foundation thought leaders will be participating as presenters in conference sessions, discussing topics ranging from equity and access to parks and green spaces, to promoting civic engagement, to building a purpose-driven organizational culture! Here’s a quick preview of the sessions we’re involved in:

The Power of PRIs 

See how foundations use Program Related Investments (PRIs) to create social impact, going beyond grantmaking to help achieve program goals, cultivate partnerships, catalyze equitable investment and fulfill charitable missions.

  • Learn about PRIs in Ohio, who’s making them and for what activities; and
  • Discuss key considerations when looking to utilize PRIs to achieve your organization’s charitable purposes.


  • Deborah Hoover, president & CEO, Burton D. Morgan Foundation
  • Robert Jaquay, associate director, The George Gund Foundation
  • Molly Schnoke, project manager, Center for Community Planning & Development, Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs, Cleveland State University
  • Teleange Thomas, director, Foundation Center – Midwest
  • Brian Wagner, CEO, Muskingum County Community Foundation
  • Stephen Caviness, program officer, workforce & social investments, Cleveland Foundation

(L to R: Stephen Caviness, Deborah Hoover, Robert Jaquay, Molly Schnoke, Teleange Thomas and Brian Wagner)


Building People Power

Learn how community network building, as practiced by the Neighbor Up Network, is making significant personal, community and systemic change across Greater Cleveland, connecting individuals with jobs, arts and culture, educational opportunities, urban farming, health equity and other critical community-building needs. Hear how this small grants program has become a nationally-recognized model for building community capacity by investing in people and place, influencing positive social change through community network building and grassroots funding.

  • Introduce the concept of community network building and how it is practiced by Neighbor Up;
  • Learn about the role funders can play to promote community network building to enact positive outcomes in their communities; and
  • Understand how you can apply the practices of the Neighbor Up Network and community network building in your community.


  • Nelson Beckford, program director, Neighborhood Revitalization & Engagement, Cleveland Foundation
  • Erika Brown, community network manager, Neighborhood Connections
  • Leslie Dunford, vice president for administration and strategic projects; director Suite 1300 Services, Cleveland Foundation
  • Kaela Geschke, wealth initiatives + community network manager, Neighborhood Connections
  • Tom O’Brien, program director, Neighborhood Connections
Headshots of session speakers

(L to R): Nelson Beckford, Erika Brown, Leslie Dunford, Kaela Geschke and Tom O’Brien


Power & Privilege in Philanthropy 

Consider foundation practices in relation to building, sharing and wielding power as you explore case studies and gain confidence in identifying opportunities to align your organization’s operations, relationship-building and grantmaking with the goals, needs and strategies of the communities you seek to benefit. No matter size, location or mission, every foundation influences equity through an inherent relationship to power.

  • Consider the role of philanthropic power and privilege in advancing equity goals; and
  • Learn how to use a self-assessment guide designed to help you examine your relationship to power across three dimensions: building, sharing and wielding power.

Kristi Andrasik, LISW-S, program officer, The Cleveland Foundation,
Lisa Ranghelli, senior director of assessments and special projects, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

Session presenter photos

(L to R): Kristi Andrasik and Lisa Ranghelli


Lifting Voices

Explore how funders can leverage their role as convener to improve civic engagement in their communities, with examples and learnings from work in Akron and Cleveland.

  • Understand the definition of a ‘civic commons’ and what it means to participate in civic life;
  • Explore how public spaces and peoples’ connections (or lack thereof) to them have far-reaching implications for the fabric of our society and democracy; and
  • Learn how funders and other philanthropic organizations can promote vibrant, life-enhancing public spaces, whether the project budget is $100 or $1 million+.


  • Nelson Beckford, Cleveland Foundation;
  • Kyle Kutuchief, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Kyle Kutuchief and Nelson Beckford Headshots

(L to R): Kyle Kutuchief and Nelson Beckford

Building a Purpose-Driven Culture

Learn what you can do to help build a culture of innovation and collaboration where employees unitedly carry out the mission, vision, values and strategic direction of your organization. Learn how to build and steward a culture that positively impacts employees’ personal and professional fulfillment and accomplishments.

  • Understand why organizational culture is more important than ever to attract and retain top talent and optimize organizational output;
  • Learn how to assess current perceptions of your organizational culture and address them; and
  • Understand how to thread organizational culture throughout the talent management process, tying it to professional development and performance reviews.


  • Monica Brown, vice president, human resources, Cleveland Foundation
  • Danielle Hanna, human resources manager, Cleveland Foundation
  • Jeremy Short, director, diversity & inclusion, The Americas Group / Sherwin Williams
  • Jennifer DiFranco, HR & administration manager, Destination Cleveland
Session presenter headshots

(L to R): Monica Brown, Danielle Hanna, Jeremy Short, Jennifer DiFranco

Advancing Equity and Access to Parks and Greenspaces

Explore what philanthropy can learn and elevate from one organization’s work centered on equity and access in parks and its broader application to environmental organizations meaningfully serving and connecting with communities of color.

  • Understand the current disconnect between communities of color and environmental organizations/park districts and the mutual benefit to environmental/park organizations and communities of color to bridge this disconnect; and
  • Using Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park as a case study, learn how environmental and park organizations can work to reach more diverse audiences and make meaningful systemic change.


  • Stephen Love, program officer, Cleveland Foundation
  • John Mitterholzer, senior program officer, The George Gund Foundation
  • Shanelle Smith, executive director, Trust for Public Land
  • Kim Smith Woodford, community volunteer
  • Deb Yandala, CEO, Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Session presenter head shots

(L to R): Stephen Love, John Mitterholzer, Shanelle Smith, Kim Smith, Deb Yandala

If you haven’t already, check out the full conference programming schedule and register to attend here!