Celebrating philanthropy and the Black family at the African American Philanthropy Summit

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson speaking on stage

The 2024 African American Philanthropy Summit brought in over 240 people in-person and 900 virtually to discuss the ways in which philanthropy is closely tied to values and traditions in Black families. Throughout the day, participants took part in in-depth conversations about generational wealth, health and education. This year’s summit honed in on the importance of going from moment to movement by determining factors that are heavily impacting Black lives and how to utilize philanthropy to drive change in communities. The summit served as a call to action to go past the day’s discussions and to implement processes of meaning-making change for and by the Black community.  

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Attendees heard insights from panelists and moderators from the day explore the importance of strategizing Black philanthropy to be multi-purposeful. Envisioning multigenerational access must become less about tactics and more oriented on partnering strategic advancements of holistic community building. Discussions included lack of accessible knowledge and information, youth involvement and opportunities, sustainability of the work that is being done and more.  

Our morning panelists, Dr. Michael Baston (President, Tri-C), Dale Anglin (Director, Press Forward), Dr. Airica Steed (President and CEO, MetroHealth), and moderator Jazmin Long ( President and CEO, Birthing Beautiful Communities) began the conversation by addressing the disconnect and isolation between generations. Exploring the role that health care and education have in closing the wealth gap in Cleveland and establishing basics needs. Discussing how strategic support is necessary in embracing a transformative impact through philanthropy. Noting that philanthropy is a way to generate connection and to inform.  

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“There is power in forum and conversation, discourse and establishing that we must continue the conversation forward,” said Dr. Steed.  

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, keynote speaker of the day, delivered his message to Cleveland philanthropists by dissecting the meaning of “Af-anthropy,” the coined term distinguishing philanthropy through the lens of African American experiences, and the relation to humanization and justice in the Black community.   

 “Af-anthropy” –centering Blackness and philanthropy. Because it centers a consciousness of the need to embrace as what you have done here–Black humanity. Philanthropy is about humanity, Af-anthropy is about humanity,” said Dyson.  

What the keynote address here:

The African American Philanthropy Summit hosted by the Cleveland Foundation gathers every two years to continue promoting the visibility of local African American philanthropy that is making impact in the community. Want to make a charitable impact in your community? You can give to the African American Philanthropy Committee Legacy Fund, establish your own fund or establish a planned gift 

Unable to attend or just want to watch again? All sessions from the 2024 Cleveland Foundation African American Philanthropy Summit are available on YouTube

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