The City of Cleveland’s Cable Television Minority Arts and Education Fund

Next Available Funding Period: 1/1/17 – 9/30/17

Application Deadline:  November 7, 2016


The City of Cleveland’s Cable Television Minority Arts and Education Fund (MAEF), a supporting organization of the Cleveland Foundation, was established in 1994 to provide for the planning, preparation, production, and/or presentation of cultural, educational, and scientific programs and projects which promote and benefit Cleveland’s minority populations. 

The MAEF is an endowed fund with assets of approximately $3.6 million providing grantmaking in the local community from investment income. The Board of Directors is comprised of two appointees by the Mayor of the City of Cleveland, two appointees by the Chair of City Council, and five appointees by the Cleveland Foundation.


Grants are awarded to 501(c)3 tax-exempt organizations that provide arts and cultural educational  programs and services that promote and benefit Cleveland’s minority populations. All nonprofit organizations located or providing services in the City of Cleveland are eligible to apply. Groups or organizations that do not have or are awaiting tax-exempt status must partner with a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization in order for the project to be considered for funding. The tax-exempt organization must initiate the application process and will be considered the MAEF applicant.

Criteria for Selection

In recognition of new media and new technologies, the MAEF is searching for creative ideas that will expand the delivery of cultural and educational programs of interest to Cleveland’s minority community. Requests will be considered for a minimum of $3,000 (there is no upper limit), and no grants will be made for scholarships. Past MAEF grants have primarily ranged $5,000 to $20,000.

  • Programs must be focused on arts and cultural education with special emphasis on the “new media”, including digital media
  • Special focus must be on content pertaining to the experience of a minority population which includes strategies for ongoing input from that population

Applicants may be contacted by foundation staff for additional information during the review period as needed. Final decisions expected mid-late December.

Submission of Application

All applicants are required to submit their request online through Grants Gateway.  If you do not have current login information you will need to complete a Grantee Request Form. Hard copy applications will not be accepted.  For consideration for 2017 funding, applications must be received by November 7, 2016.

To begin the application, login to Grants Gateway 

1.  Establish or update your organization profile.  Your profile must be completed before submitting the application.

2.  Click on the Apply for a Grant link

3.  Scroll down to find the Minority Arts and Education Fund application

4.  Complete the online application. Questions you will find in the application include:

  • Project Summary – Please provide a brief overview of the proposed project/program.

  • Project Design – Please describe how this project is relevant to the experiences of a minority population, strategies to engage ongoing input from that population, and how “new media” (such as digital media) will be included in the project?

  • Is there any other information not captured elsewhere regarding your organization or project that you believe will help Foundation staff understand this proposal or the unique needs of the community that this project will serve? If the applicant is partnering with another group or organization to carry out this project, please use this section to briefly describe the nature of the partnership as it relates to the scope of the project and use of the requested funds.

  1. Once you have submitted the application, upload the Required Attachments, which include:
    • Line Item Project Budget (excel template will be provided)
    • Board list with affiliations
    • Organization budget for current fiscal year
    • Complete audit (include auditors notes and management letter, if issued). If no audit is available, please provide: Statement of Revenue/Support and Expenses for your organization’s most recently completed fiscal/calendar year, Current Balance Sheet and Statement of Activities for most recently completed fiscal/calendar year.

For application or technical questions, contact:

Grants Management, 216-615-7254,

For programmatic questions or information, contact:

Kristi Andrasik, Program Officer, 216-615-7192,

Next Available Funding Cycle

2017 Funding Period: 1/1/17 – 9/30/17

Application Deadline for 2017 Funding:  November 7, 2016


Future Funding Cycles

2018 Funding Period: 1/1/18 – 9/30/18

Application Deadline for 2018 Funding: November 6, 2017


2019 Funding Period: 1/1/19 – 9/30/19

Application Deadline for 2019 Funding: November 5, 2018