Fairmount Santrol Aspire Scholarship

Minimum GPA: 2.75
Deadline: April 15, 2019
App Type: Corp/Group App

Purpose: The Fairmount Santrol Aspire Scholarship was established in October, 2013 by the Fairmount Santrol Foundation. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarships to eligible dependents of employees of Fairmount Santrol, who desire to seek post-secondary education or training for a recognized credential.

Employees of Fairmount Santrol are those persons who have been employed by Fairmount Santrol continuously for a period of at least one year. Eligible dependents of Fairmount Santrol are those who are natural, adopted, court appointed children, grandchildren, and/or or stepchildren of any Fairmount Santrol Employee.     


  • Be a dependent of an eligible employee of Fairmount Santrol
  • Be pursuing post-secondary education and: 
    • Accepted at or enrolled in a college, university or school in the United States of America
    • Be under the age of 26 years
    • Have, at a minimum, a 2.75 grade point average on a 4.0 grade scale or the equivalent GED score of 2.89
    • Be able to demonstrate financial need

Application method: Submit a Corporate/Group Application and Basic Requirements through our Scholarship Gateway

Your completed application should include submission of:

  • The Corporate/Group online application 
  • A high school or current college transcript
  • An essay (personal statement, maximum two double-spaced pages that will help selection committees learn about your personal history, perspectives, academic and career goals and interests). (Not required for renewals).
  • Two letters of recommendation (not required for renewals)
  • Letter of acceptance from the higher education institution you plan to attend (not required for renewals)
  • Student Aid Report (SAR) resulting from filing a FAFSA

Selection process: A Selection Committee, appointed by the Cleveland Foundation, will base its scholarship decisions on the completed application, and one or more of the following factors: academic achievement, financial need, leadership (evidenced by the involvement in school, civic, and/or social organizations in roles requiring responsibility, initiative and judgment).

Award process: The award amount for part-time enrollment will be adjusted appropriately. Formal notification of award will be made by the Cleveland Foundation to the selected recipient(s). Awards will be paid to the school for the benefit of the student and must be applied to tuition, fees, books, supplies, and/or equipment required for coursework.

Recipient requirements:

  1. Maintain full-time enrollment status (unless awarded for part-time)
  2. for each term (min 2.0 GPA required)
  3. A thank you note to the donors and selection committee members for this fund is not required but always appreciated and may be sent or mailed to the Cleveland Foundation, Scholarships, 1422 Euclid Avenue, Suite 1300, Cleveland, Ohio, 44115.

Renewable Award: This award will be renewed for a maximum of 4 total years support provided the student meets the scholarship requirements and funding remains available. See the Scholarship How to Apply web page for Renewal Instructions and deadline.

For questions or further assistance, call the Foundation’s Scholarship Office at 216-615-7138 or 216-615-7164. You may also contact Kristin Lewis, Fairmount Santrol, Director of Communications and Engagement at 440-279-0245.