Thanks to the vision and generosity of many donors, the Cleveland Foundation offers a variety of scholarships to eligible applicants with varied and diverse criteria. 


Applications will be available on the Scholarship Gateway in early January 2019.


General Applications: 
March 15, 2019
Corporate/Group Applications: 
April 15, 2019
Renewal Requirements: 
April 1, 2019

We strongly encourage you to browse our descriptions of the various scholarship funds to learn more about:

  • the specific purpose the donor had in mind in establishing the scholarship;
  • special eligibility criteria or additional requirements for consideration; and
  • the online application method and/or contact information for external applications.  

Detailed descriptions may be seen by clicking on the name of the scholarship.

Visit our How to Apply page for application methods, universal eligibility criteria, requirements and instructions. 

Please note: these scholarship funds are not affiliated with Say Yes to Education. To learn more about Say Yes scholarship eligibility and how to apply, please visit

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Scholarship NameField of StudyGPALocation or High SchoolCollegeAmountDeadlineApplication Type
A. Grace Lee Mims Vocal ScholarshipMusic Education and Performance2.0 minUp to $10,000March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App
Alzada Singleton Davis ScholarshipHumanities2.0 minCuyahoga Community College$1,000 to $2,000External
Arthur P. and Ruth H. Moebius Scholarship2.0 minAurora High School$1000 to $3000External
Association of Asian Indian Women in Ohio Scholarship2.0 minOhioMarch 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App (one-time award)
Byrne-Rubin Family Trust Scholarship2.0 minGlenville High School$1,500 to $2,500External
Charles D. Whitmer Fund ScholarshipEvidence of Entrepreneurial Intent2.0 minNortheast Ohio$1,000March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App
Charlotte Alexander Scholarship2.0 - 3.3Greater Cleveland$1,500March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App
Christina Sunga Ryook Scholarship2.0 minWestlake High SchoolUniversity of Michigan$4,000External
Dwight S. and Patricia H. Jordan Scholarship Fund2.0 minBrecksville/Broadview Heights High SchoolExternal
Gates Scholarship in Memory of Ada Gates Stevens2.0 minElyria High School$1,000External
Jack Rumbaugh Scholarship2.0 minShaker Heights High School$5,000External
Jon Lewis Annual Award2.0 minCleveland Heights High SchoolExternal
Miriam Kerruish Stage Scholarship2.0 minShaker Heights High School$1,000External
Northwest Emergency Team Fund Scholarship2.0 min$2,600 over 4 yearsApril 15, 2019 ExpiredCorp/Group App
Paul C. and Kathryn W. Miller Scholarship2.0 minCardinal and Berkshire High Schools$500 to $750External
Perlman Foundation PK Management Employee Scholarship2.0 min$500 to $2,500April 15, 2019 ExpiredCorp/Group App
Renee Drefahl Spirit of Life Scholarship2.0 minEdgewood High School$1,000March 31, 2019 ExpiredOther (See Details)
Robert D. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund2.0 min$1,200April 15, 2019 ExpiredCorp/Group App
Tri-Vantage, LLC Scholarship2.0 min$750 to $1,500April 15, 2019 ExpiredCorp/Group App
Vince Federico Memorial Scholarship2.0 minWickliffe High School$10,000 over four yearsExternal
Vince Federico Memorial Scholarship IIGraphic or Performing Arts2.0 minWickliffe High School$10,000 over four years External
Virginia Jones Memorial Scholarship2.0 minShaw High School$1,500External
Wilma A. Chapman Scholarship Fund2.0 minCleveland$750March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App
Alton LaMaur Character Memorial Scholarship2.5 minCollinwood High School$350 to $1,500External
Charles Hildreth Kelso ScholarshipEducation2.5 minGlenville and Collinwood High Schools$1,000March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App
Derek Owens Memorial Scholarship2.5 minCleveland$500 to $1,500March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App (one-time award)
Harvey High School Scholarship Fund2.5 minHarvey High School$1,000External
J. Paris Mosley Scholarship2.5 minGeographic eligibility extends to outside of Ohio$500 to $1000March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App (one-time award)
Judge Leo A. and Mrs. Gilberta Jackson Scholarship2.5 min$2,000March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App
McKinney Family Fund Scholarship2.5 minOhio Resident$2,000March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App
McNeil Scholarship Fund2.5 minShaw High School or Greater Cleveland inner-city schools$500 to $1,000March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App (one-time award)
Nelson G. Peck, Jr. Memorial ScholarshipEngineering2.5 minOhio University, Cuyahoga Community College$500 to $1,000External
Rev. A. William Jamerson Memorial Scholarship2.5 minGreater Cleveland$500 to $1,000March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App (one-time award)
Roy W. and Wilma Cade Scholarship2.5 minGreater Cleveland$1,000March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App (one-time award)
Ruth Alice Jacobs Roe Memorial Scholarship2.5 minGreater Clevelandvaries, to a maximum of $1,800March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App (one-time award)
Terry M. Speth Service Professional Memorial ScholarshipBiomedical or Engineering2.5 min$1,000March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App (one-time award)
Timothy Allen Hopkins Memorial Scholarship2.5 minTriway High School, Wooster, OH$1,500External
Stephanie Tubbs Jones Memorial Scholarship2.6 minCleveland Public Schools$1,000March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App
Boyd Family Scholarship Fund2.7 minGlenville High School $1,000March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App
Albert W. Geater Memorial ScholarshipAccounting2.75 minNortheast Ohio$1,000March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App
Ann-Marie Ogletree Child Development ScholarshipEarly Childhood Education, Counseling or related field2.75 minGreater Cleveland (high school students and adults)$500-$1,000March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App (one-time award)
Covia Aspire Scholarship2.75 minApril 15, 2019 ExpiredCorp/Group App
Diane O. McDaniel Scholarship2.75 minGlenville High School (or Ginn Academy)up to $2,000March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App
Rev. Dr. Marvin A. McMickle Scholarship2.75 minGreater Cleveland$1,000March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App (one-time award)
Lamont S. Johnson Memorial Scholarship in Speech PathologySpeech Pathology2.8 min$650 - $1,000March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App
ALCOA Fund Scholarship3.0 minCleveland Public and Catholic Schools$2,000 to $5,000March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App
Anna M. Roth ScholarshipEducation3.0 minBrush High SchoolExternal
Carolyn E. Gordon Teachers' FundEnglish Language Arts3.0 minBrush High SchoolExternal
Cleveland Women's City Club Foundation Scholarship3.0 minClevelandvariable to a maximum $3,000March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App
Kathy Brooks Scholarship3.0 minAshton High School$1,000External
Leonard A. and Helen Russell Bretschneider Scholarship3.0 minSolon High Schoolvaries to a maximum of $16,000 over 4 yearsExternal
Lillian Louise Mayle White Memorial Scholarship3.0 minCleveland Metropolitan School District$1,000March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App (one-time award)
Ohio Laborers Future Leaders of America Scholarship3.0 min$1,000April 15, 2019 ExpiredCorp/Group App
Robert P. Madison Scholarship in ArchitectureArchitecture3.0 min$1,000March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App
Women's Civic Club of Cleveland Heights Scholarship3.0 minCleveland Heights High School$1,000External
Cleveland’s Future Engineers ScholarshipSTEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math)3.2 minCuyahoga CountyMarch 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App
Cydney Weingart Scholarship3.5 minCuyahoga County$3,000March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App
Improve Consulting and Training Group: Bagby, Palmer Memorial ScholarshipSTEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Math)3.5 minCleveland and inner-ring suburbs$1,000 to $1,500March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App
Maureen Kennedy Berg Scholarship3.5 minJames A. Garfield, Louisa May Alcott, or Charles A. Mooney schools$500March 15, 2019 ExpiredGeneral App (one-time award)
Listing 59 of 59 Scholarships