Managing through the Downturn

Times are tough, and as nonprofit executives you don’t need me reminding you.  Every day my colleagues and I hear from more and more organizations that are stretching their dollars and reevaluating their programs. Everyone is searching for new funding sources, shifting service delivery and sometimes cutting staff.

Despite all the doom and gloom, I am impressed with the innovation and determination that flows from our town’s savvy nonprofit leaders.  Across every sector—the arts, health, human service, and youth development—executives are re-imagining their work and pushing (successfully) through this economic downturn.

Here are a few tools/tidbits that grantees and I have shared with one another.  Consider them food for thought and hopefully tools for action, as we all try to manage in these challenging times:

What other resources are helping you manage your nonprofit?  Share the wealth and post your tips here.