The Cleveland Foundation has helped citizens give back to their community since 1914. Our staff and board of directors have identified priority areas to proactively direct a growing percentage of our grant dollars. Today two-thirds of our flexible grant dollars support projects in these priority areas, with the goal of creating significant, widespread impact. The balance of our grantmaking dollars is awarded in response to direct requests from the community.

Reinventing K-12 education, helping students grow, learn and succeed in college and careers.

Helping our neighborhoods grow and thrive, with desirable housing, quality schools, viable employers, and thoughtful retail.

Youth Development
Ensuring access to high quality basic and everyday needs for young people and their families.

Arts & Culture
Supporting the arts and culture sector, from neighborhood-based arts education to iconic institutions.

Economic Transformation
Spurring new business and technology, and reinvigorating Cleveland’s tried-and-true industries.

Ensuring residents can lead healthy lives today and in the future, with access to clean water and air, outdoor recreation, public spaces, and the benefits of a clean energy economy.