An Investment in People & Place

The Cleveland Foundation has helped citizens give back to their community since 1914. Still, many societal ills remain, and some are worsening. We must develop new ways of educating, creating jobs and wealth, and solving problems we have only begun to comprehend. Our staff and board of directors have identified six areas to which we now proactively direct a growing percentage of our grant dollars. Today two-thirds of our flexible grant dollars support projects in these priority areas, with the goal of creating significant, widespread impact. The balance of our grantmaking dollars is awarded in response to direct requests from the community.


Illustration of Education - Students entering School buildingEducation & Youth Development  

Our region’s economic vitality depends on youths being prepared to excel in school and compete in today’s job market. We’re reinventing K-12 education in Cleveland and helping college-bound students succeed.

Illustration of Neighborhoods - Cleveland cityscapeNeighborhoods

The Cleveland Foundation takes a holistic approach to neighborhood development, that aims to provide residents with options in desirable housing, quality schools, viable employers, and thoughtful retail.

Illustration of Human Services - People under microscopeHealth & Human Services

We believe healthy people make healthy communities. We fund the most pressing needs in the community to help people meet basic needs and enjoy happier, healthier lives. 

Illustration for Arts & Culture - Hand holding abstract painting with theatre curtain in background

Arts & Culture

The Cleveland Foundation is committed to sustaining a vibrant and healthy cultural community, from small, neighborhood-based programs to mighty, world-renowned organizations.

Illustration of Economic Development - Skyscrapers with solar panels and wind power on horizonEconomic Development

The Cleveland Foundation believes Cleveland’s economy can thrive and be sustainable and globally connected. Our funding strategy promotes five priorities: innovation and entrepreneurship, business growth, industry clusters, globalization, and a healthy core city.