• The M.F. Cachat Charitable Foundation Fund

    All of us came from pretty humble beginnings. We were given opportunities and we took them. We feel a moral responsibility to share what we’ve been given.

  • Bob and Sally Gries

    I'm very excited when I think about the future of the Cleveland Foundation. I really feel that we are maximizing our impact, and we will continue to raise the bar and increase the impact over time.

  • The Ginn Family

    When we meet to consider requests, we do so with the firm conviction that we are fulfilling the wishes of our parents, grandparents & great grandparents.

  • JoAnn and Bob Glick

    In many cases, we’re doing projects that are off the radar – projects where other people aren’t giving. We’re seeking a fresh way to do things, and we want to support creativity and results.

  • The Higley Family

    It’s all about where we can be most impactful. We want to find places where we can truly make a difference.

  • Justin and Andrean Horton

    Philanthropists will have to play a role to help solve some of our region’s most pressing issues. Concentrated poverty, joblessness and poor educational options need our collective energy so we can move society forward.

  • Connie and Kevin Johnson

    You don’t have to be Oprah to give. Each of us can make an impact.

  • Jack Ulman

    Philanthropy is not only for the very wealthy, who have a named room at a museum. It’s for people with average incomes like me, a school teacher, to get involved and do something for the future.