Apply for a Mission Related Investment

To be considered for a Cleveland Foundation Mission Related Investment, please review the information below and complete the application form that follows.

What are Mission Related Investments?

Mission Related Investments come from the Foundation’s endowment assets and must achieve two goals; 1.) a market rate of return over time and 2.) a social impact for Cleveland.

What are the minimum criteria that must be met to be eligible to apply for a Mission Related Investment?

The Cleveland Foundation has established minimum criteria as listed below to evaluate mission related impact investment requests.

  • The investment must demonstrate how it will provide a social impact in the Greater Cleveland areathrough job creation, economic development (real estate improvement), business startup (entrepreneuror industrial), technology, sustainable energy, financial services, healthcare or biotechnologyadvancements.
  • The investment must:
    • Align with at least one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:
    • Show an expected impact within the city of Cleveland or surrounding areas
    • Provide an expected market rate of return (The project needs to provide either a fixed income or equity return on the investment over a specified period.)
    • Be managed by a proven, experienced team with prior experience in mission related investments

Application Form

    Contact Information

    Investment Information

    Financial Return Objective

    Targeted Return

    Targeted return is target net return (percent) over target net return (years).

    Firm Information


    Key Terms

    Prior Fund Performance (Optional)

    Fund (Vintage) Fund Size ($M) Paid-In Capital ($M) Realized Value ($M) Unrealized Value ($M) Total Value ($M) Gross TVPI Net IRR LIBOR Spread Yield at Cost

    Impact Analysis

    Attachments (Optional)