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The Cleveland Foundation works to strengthen Greater Cleveland’s economy, with an emphasis on the core city, to ensure Cleveland’s resurgence is generating economic opportunities for all residents. We do this by nurturing the economic health and vibrancy of the core city, and aligning its people to the economic opportunities of the region.

Job Creation: A Vibrant Core City


Helping nurture and support entrepreneurs and small businesses to grow and collaborate, with a focus on technology, innovation and diversity.

  • Leverage existing industries and creating new ones
  • Build neighborhood-based centers of economic activity
  • Nurture minority entrepreneurship and business growth

Examples include:

  • 2017 support of JumpStart and the Commission on Economic Inclusion’s Core City Program to serve entrepreneurs and small businesses from Cleveland neighborhoods by providing business growth services.
  • 2018 support of JumpStart Inc. for Plug and Play programming in Cleveland, the largest start-up accelerator in the world with 24 global locations and 6,000 startups.

Job Preparation & Access: Aligning Human Capital

Grants Economic Development InnovationEnsuring every resident in Cleveland, youth and adults, has access to career pathways and opportunities

  • Create opportunities for and awareness of in-demand careers that can support a family
  • Design and scale apprenticeship-style “Learn & Earn” pilots and programs as on-ramps to provide training and education for in-demand careers
  • Support unconnected and underserved populations in gaining access to training and education opportunities

  • Engage employers in building an effective talent pipeline for Cleveland’s workforce, particularly in health care, manufacturing and IT

Examples include:

  • 2018 support of MAGNET for the design and development of a pre-apprenticeship program for high school students to work in manufacturing and to WIRE-Net to build on an apprenticeship consortium for workers and new hires at small manufacturing companies.
  • 2018 support of BioEnterprise to convene businesses and educators to build a robust and diverse pipeline for the growing Health-IT industry.
  • The foundation has helped launch True2U, an 8th grade career exploration and mentoring program created by the foundation’s youth initiative, MyCom, Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD), the Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP), and several other community partners.