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The Cleveland Foundation has invested in education for more than a century. With our partners and donors, we aim to reinvent public education in Cleveland and to significantly increase postsecondary readiness, enrollment and success among students and graduates of Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD).

Say Yes Cleveland

Say Yes to Education, a national nonprofit organization, partners with communities around the goals of college readiness and affordability. Say Yes Cleveland builds on the Cleveland Plan by providing students the necessary academic and social support services to graduate prepared for postsecondary education. Key components include:

  • Scholarships: Qualifying students are eligible for college or other postsecondary scholarships to help fill tuition funding gaps
  • Services: Students and their families receive the necessary in-school and out-of-school academic and social support services from pre-K through career launch, which can include tutoring, legal aid, and medical care and access to high-quality out-of-school programming.
  • Sustainability: Multiple generations will benefit because of the long-term framework being built and the corresponding governance structure.

Learn more about Say Yes Cleveland here.

Support Cleveland’s Youngest Learners

We support PRE4CLE, a partnership to create more high-quality pre-school seats and help families better understand and access available high-quality programs. 4,800 children are now enrolled in high-quality pre-school programs—a 69 percent increase since 2014.

Implement the Cleveland Plan 

Since 2012, the foundation and partners remain deeply involved in the implementation of the 2012 Cleveland Plan for Transforming Schools. We work to ensure every family in every Cleveland neighborhood has a variety of great schools from which to choose.

  • Open high-quality new and re-designed schools and introduce specialized programming
  • Redesign and improve the district & recruit and retain talented educators
  • Impact state policy by supporting advocacy & oversight

Ensure Postsecondary Access and Success
We aim to align students to the current and future economic opportunities of the region.

  • Provide postsecondary planning and guidance support
    • Support True2U mentoring program to connect every CMSD 8thgrader with an adult mentor. Learn about True2U’s impact here
    • Co-created the Top 50 Scholars Program with College Now to help high-performing CSMD seniors access selective colleges and universities.
  • Increase postsecondary readiness, access and completion