Thanks to the vision and generosity of many donors, the Cleveland Foundation offers more than 60 scholarships. While most are for graduating high school seniors attending institutions of higher learning, others enable individuals to pursue vocational training and professional development opportunities.  

The Cleveland Foundation is pleased to announce it has partnered with College Now Greater Cleveland on the administration of its scholarship funds, which will expand the availability of services like mentoring to support students along every step of their higher education journey.  The listing of available scholarships will remain the same.  

Applications for the 2022-23 school year will be submitted through College Now’s application site. The application for Cleveland Foundation scholarships is now open and applications are due March 15, 2022. Learn more and apply now!

Renewal payments will continue to be administered through the Cleveland Foundation. If you were awarded a scholarship in 2021-22 that included renewal eligibility, you will receive an email reminder in early December to request renewal consideration for the next academic year. You will need to complete and return the Renewal/Verification Form with you 2021-22 Grade Reports and 2022-23 FAFSA SAR by April 1, 2022.