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Who should I contact if I have questions?

Please contact the Advancement team at 216.685.2006.

What are the Goff and Legacy societies?

These are Cleveland Foundation recognition societies. Membership in the Frederick Harris Goff Society is available to donors who have contributed gifts of $10,000 or more. The Legacy Society recognizes donors who have made a planned gift or commitment in the form of bequests, trusts, life insurance, charitable gift annuities or through other provisions in their estate plans for a future gift to the Cleveland Foundation.

How do I make additional gifts to my fund or include the Cleveland Foundation in my estate plans?

Please contact your donor relations advisor to work with you to meet your charitable goals.

Are there fees assessed against the fund?

The Cleveland Foundation charges no setup fees. However, there are administrative fees charged by the foundation and investment fees charged by the investment advisor. Investment fees are tiered based on the type and size of the fund. See our complete fee structure.

How do I recommend grants?

As an advisor, you can recommend grants to support any I.R.S. Section 501 (c)(3) organization or verified charitable entity (e.g., schools, religious institutions, etc.) with the exception of those organizations regarded as hate groups, as defined in the Foundation’s Anti-Hate Group policy, available on the Donor Portal. Grant recommendations can by made using our online Donor Portal or by submitting a Grant Recommendation Form. You may recommend grants as frequently as you wish; however, each grant recommendation must be for a minimum grant amount of $250.

How can I include my children or spouse in grantmaking?

We encourage families to discuss their charitable interests together. We allow donors to name their children and/or spouse as donor advisors.

How can the foundation help identify nonprofits that I can support?

Your donor relations advisor is eager to serve as a resource for any questions you may have regarding priority community needs and/or nonprofit organizations in the region.  We can work with you to identify projects and organizations  that match your interests.

What are “Donor Conversations?”

Donor Conversations are exclusive donor events highlighting grantmaking opportunities and community needs.