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Thanks to the vision and generosity of many donors, the Cleveland Foundation offers a variety of scholarships to eligible applicants with varied and diverse criteria. 

We strongly encourage you to browse our descriptions of the various scholarship funds to learn more about:

  • the specific purpose the donor had in mind in establishing the scholarship;
  • special eligibility criteria or additional requirements for consideration; and
  • the online application method and/or contact information for external applications.  

Detailed descriptions may be seen by clicking on the name of the scholarship.

Visit our Scholarship Overview/How to Apply page for universal eligibility criteria, application methods and “how to” instructions. (Applicants must not be a relative of a member of the Cleveland Foundation staff or the foundation’s Board of Directors.)


The following 2018-19 Online Applications will be available in January 2018

General Applications:  March 15, 2018
Corporate/Group Applications: April 15, 2018
Renewal Requirements:  April 1, 2018

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Scholarship NameField of StudyGPALocation or High SchoolCollegeAmountDeadlineApplication Type
A. Grace Lee Mims Vocal ScholarshipMusic Education and Performance2.0 min$10,000March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App
Albert W. Geater Memorial ScholarshipAccounting2.75 minNortheast Ohio$1,000March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App
ALCOA Fund Scholarship3.0 minCleveland Public and Catholic Schools$2,000 to $5,000March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App
Alton LaMaur Character Memorial Scholarship2.5 minCollinwood High School$350 to $1,500External
Alzada Singleton Davis ScholarshipHumanities2.0 minCuyahoga Community College$1,000 to $2,000External
Ann-Marie Ogletree Child Development ScholarshipEarly Childhood Education, Counseling or related field2.75 minGreater Cleveland (high school students and adults)$500-$1,000March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App (one-time award)
Anna M. Roth ScholarshipEducation3.0 minBrush High SchoolExternal
Arthur P. and Ruth H. Moebius Scholarship2.0 minAurora High School$1000 to $3000External
Association of Asian Indian Women in Ohio Scholarship2.0 minOhioMarch 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App (one-time award)
Boyd Family Scholarship Fund2.7 minGlenville High School $1,000March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App
Byrne-Rubin Family Trust Scholarship2.0 minGlenville High School$1,500 to $2,500External
Carolyn E. Gordon Teachers' FundEnglish Language Arts3.0 minBrush High SchoolExternal
Charles D. Whitmer Fund ScholarshipEvidence of Entrepreneurial Intent2.0 minNortheast Ohio$1,000March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App
Charles Hildreth Kelso ScholarshipEducation2.5 minGlenville and Collinwood High Schools$1,000March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App
Charlotte Alexander Scholarship2.0 - 3.3Greater Cleveland$1,500March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App
Christina Sunga Ryook Scholarship2.0 minWestlake High SchoolUniversity of Michigan$4,000External
Cleveland Foundation Scholarship Selection and Advisory Committee Scholarship2.0 minCuyahoga, Lake, or Geauga counties$1,000 to $3,000March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App
Cleveland Women's City Club Foundation Scholarship3.0 minClevelandvariable to a maximum $3,000March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App
Cleveland’s Future Engineers ScholarshipSTEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math)3.2 minCuyahoga CountyMarch 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App
Cydney Weingart Scholarship3.5 minCuyahoga County$3,000March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App
Derek Owens Memorial Scholarship2.5 minCleveland$500 to $1,500March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App (one-time award)
Diane O. McDaniel Scholarship2.75 minGlenville High School (or Ginn Academy)up to $2,000March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App
Dwight S. and Patricia H. Jordan Scholarship Fund2.0 minBrecksville/Broadview Heights High School
Eddie & Louise Fryer Scholarship Fund2.0 minMarch 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App
Fairmount Santrol Aspire Scholarship2.75 minApril 15, 2018Corp/Group App
Gates Scholarship in Memory of Ada Gates Stevens2.0 minElyria High School$1,000External
Harvey High School Scholarship Fund2.5 minHarvey High School$1,000External
Improve Consulting and Training Group: Bagby, Palmer Memorial ScholarshipSTEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Math)3.5 minCleveland and inner-ring suburbs$1,000 to $1,500March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App
J. Paris Mosley Scholarship2.5 minGeographic eligibility extends to outside of Ohio$500 to $1000March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App (one-time award)
Jack Rumbaugh Scholarship2.0 minShaker Heights High School$5,000External
Jon Lewis Annual Award2.0 minCleveland Heights High SchoolExternal
Judge Leo A. and Mrs. Gilberta Jackson Scholarship2.5 min$2,000March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App
Kathy Brooks Scholarship3.0 minAshton High School$1,000External
Lamont S. Johnson Memorial Scholarship in Speech PathologySpeech Pathology2.8 minCuyahoga Community College or Cleveland State University$650 - $1,000March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App
Leonard A. and Helen Russell Bretschneider Scholarship3.0 minSolon High Schoolvaries to a maximum of $16,000 over 4 yearsExternal
Lillian Louise Mayle White Memorial Scholarship3.0 minCleveland Metropolitan School District$1,000March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App (one-time award)
Maureen Kennedy Berg Scholarship3.5 minJames A. Garfield, Louisa May Alcott, or Charles A. Mooney schools$500March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App (one-time award)
McKinney Family Fund Scholarship2.5 minOhio Resident$2,000March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App
McNeil Scholarship Fund2.5 minShaw High School or Greater Cleveland inner-city schools$500 to $1,000March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App (one-time award)
Miriam Kerruish Stage Scholarship2.0 minShaker Heights High School$1,000External
Nelson G. Peck, Jr. Memorial ScholarshipEngineering2.5 minOhio University, Cuyahoga Community College$500 to $1,000External
Northwest Emergency Team Fund Scholarship2.0 min$2,600 over 4 yearsApril 15, 2018Corp/Group App
Ohio Laborers Future Leaders of America Scholarship3.0 min$1,000April 15, 2018Corp/Group App
Paul C. and Kathryn W. Miller Scholarship2.0 minCardinal and Berkshire High Schools$500 to $750External
Perlman Foundation PK Management Employee Scholarship2.0 min$500 to $2,500April 15, 2018Corp/Group App
Renee Drefahl Spirit of Life Scholarship2.0 minEdgewood High School$1,000March 31, 2018Other (See Details)
Rev. A. William Jamerson Memorial Scholarship2.5 minGreater Cleveland$500 to $1,000March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App (one-time award)
Rev. Dr. Marvin A. McMickle Scholarship2.75 minGreater Cleveland$1,000March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App (one-time award)
Robert D. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund2.0 min$1,200April 15, 2018Corp/Group App
Robert E. and Ada Hagan Public Service Scholarship2.5 minCleveland State Urban Affairs Schoolvaries to a maximum of $3,000March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App
Robert P. Madison Scholarship in ArchitectureArchitecture3.0 min$1,000March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App
Roy W. and Wilma Cade Scholarship2.5 minGreater Cleveland$1,000March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App (one-time award)
Ruth Alice Jacobs Roe Memorial Scholarship2.5 minGreater Clevelandvaries, to a maximum of $1,800March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App (one-time award)
Stephanie Tubbs Jones Memorial Scholarship2.6 minCleveland Public Schools$1,000March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App
Superintendent's Award from the Inez and Harry Clement Fund2.0 minCleveland Public Schools$5,000External
Terry M. Speth Service Professional Memorial ScholarshipBiomedical or Engineering2.5 min$1,000March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App (one-time award)
Timothy Allen Hopkins Memorial Scholarship2.5 minTriway High School, Wooster, OH$1,500External
Tri-Vantage, LLC Scholarship2.0 min$750 to $1,500April 15, 2018Corp/Group App
Vince Federico Memorial Scholarship IIGraphic or Performing Arts2.0 minWickliffe High School$10,000 over four years External
Vince Federico Memorial Scholarship2.0 minWickliffe High School$10,000 over four yearsExternal
Virginia Jones Memorial Scholarship2.0 minShaw High School$1,500External
Willis E. Kelly Scholarship Fund2.0 minGeauga County$1,000March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App (one-time award)
Wilma A. Chapman Scholarship Fund2.0 minCleveland$750March 15, 2018 ExpiredGeneral App
Women's Civic Club of Cleveland Heights Scholarship3.0 minCleveland Heights High School$1,000External
Listing 64 of 64 Scholarships