Re-Imagining Cleveland

I came across a recent blog post that questioned if the recent Neighborhood Progress, Inc. report, Re-imagining Cleveland was audacious or realistic.  If you have not seen the plan, please take a look.    

My two cents: the plan is bold and doable.  The small scale, neighborhood based projects weave together nicely to form the big picture.  To me, this cafeteria of choices makes perfect sense. 

In my own neighborhood on the near west side, I treasure being able to hop on my bike for a 10 minute ride to Edgewater Park to take in massive beauty of Lake Erie but I also value the meditative labyrinth at W. 65 and West Clinton.  I also love seeing the urban gardeners at work at Kentucky Garden, the splash park at Fairview Park and the hustle and bustle of Market Square on a Saturday. 

Choices are good.

Neighborhood Progress Inc is accepting applications for projects on Vacant Land Bank Lots in the Neighborhood Stabilization Target Areas.   The application deadline is July 31,2009.  Pick up Re-Imagining Pattern Books and applications at: Neighborhood Progress, Inc.1956 West 25th Street Suite 200 Cleveland, OH 44113. Or download info and applications at  

Contact: Millie Davis

p:.216.830.2770, ext. 105

E-mail: mmd@neighborhoodprogress