Seeking Summer Interns for 2010

We are currently recruiting the region’s best and brightest for the 2010 Cleveland Foundation summer internship program. 
As we approach its 11th year, the program has helped us confirm two important pieces of information: 1) Nonprofits continue to provide interns with meaningful projects that are reflective of the times and 2)We have and will continue to need young talent.
Projects that are reflective of the times
 This year, we have a diverse selection of 16 nonprofits that will serve as “hosts” for Cleveland Foundation interns for 11 weeks during the summer of 2010.  The host sites represent the depth and breadth of Cleveland’s nonprofit community with projects that are reflective of the times.  Below are examples of issues and how this year’s host site projects address those issues: 
Vacant land and abandoned property

·    A neighborhood revitalization organization has a project that involves the implementation of Re-Imagining Cleveland

·    An inner-ring community development organization is looking at how the vacant property epidemic  is affecting its community

·    An arts organization’s project calls for curating, planning, and organizing exhibits for a national vacant property conference that will be held in Cleveland

 Youth development

·    A civic organization has a project that involves managing a summer out-of- school program

·    A neighborhood-based art organization’s project is to market and outreach to teens

·    A human services organization’s project involves calls for analysis of state and federal policy as it relates to youth

A few of the projects also involve research and analysis to aid in decision making,

·    An economic development organization’s project calls for a market analysis of medical imaging technology

·    A neighborhood-based organization wants to better understand the market for conflict resolution training

·    An organization that works with small businesses has a project that entails the development of a capital improvement plan and budget.

Projects related to local foods, health, training design, marketing, social media, fundraising, development and event planning round out the 2010 host site list.  For the full list, click here.
We have and we need young talent
The Summer Internship program helped to confirm that as region, we are rich with young talent. We are lucky to have top ranked colleges and universities, many with nationally acclaimed programs that attract students from around the world.  Personally, we may know of young people who have graduated from our (public and private) high schools and are now attending out of town colleges and universities but are coming home for summer break. 
These two groups are the audiences that we are trying to recruit for the 2010 Cleveland Foundation Summer Internship program.  Help us get the word out!
For more information, visit our Summer Internship page.