They’re Here!

zBlog Creative Fusion Spring 2013 orientationOur next group of international artists arrived last weekend and are here for a three-month stay. Creative Fusion, the Cleveland Foundation’s global artist-residency program, has welcomed seven artists who will be hosted by six local arts organizations. They will learn about our city, work with their host to share their culture through outreach programs, to meet and possibly work with local artists, and, of course, to create work of their own. 

For a short video on the Creative Fusion program, click here.

The artists come from: South Korea, Brazil, Vietnam, Chile, India, and a husband and wife team from Mexico who maintain studios in Tijuana and Beijing, China.  Their host organizations (in the same order) are the Ingenuity Festival, Cleveland Public Theatre, Young Audiences, the Rainey Institute, Art House, and Zygote Press.

zBlog Creative Fusion Spring 2013 Lolly tourThe foundation has arranged a very busy orientation for the artists over their first two weeks here: a Lolly the Trolley tour of Greater Cleveland’s cultural districts both east and west, a docent tour of the Art Museum, an artist mixer at Negative Space in Asia Town, and performances at PlayhouseSquare, Great Lakes Theater, and the Cleveland Orchestra.

Each artist’s host organization will get them integrated into the community, and provide many other opportunities for them to learn the depth and breadth of the arts in Cleveland.

This will be a short post, just to introduce you to the artists. Look for more in future posts, on their activities and the public events associated with their outreach and creative activities.  I met all the artists last week and each brings enthusiasm and great talent and a desire to get going.  I am so excited about what they will accomplish while here – for themselves and for our community. For now, join the foundation in welcoming:

  • Sabi Yun, multimedia, installation, and performance artist from South Korea
  • Ana Paula Jones, actress, art historian, and performance artist from Brazil
  • Hue Pham Thi, musician and composer from Vietnam
  • Daniela Pizarro, visual, performance, and community artist from Chile
  • Alka Mathur, visual and community artist from India
  • Mely Barragan and Daniel Ruanova, public art artists from Mexico and China


  1. ana paula jones

    Hello, I loved the website and the pictures, and everything we did in this first week of work and meetings…I am very happy to be in Cleveland, and very open to meet with the artist’s from USA, Ohio and Cleveland…
    all the best, for all of us…
    ana paula jones

  2. alka mathur

    today its almost two weeks since we arrived and its been lovely to be in the city of Cleveland. Have enjoyed meeting the other artists as well as enjoyed the warmth and generosity of our hosts and all members of the Cleveland foundation. I would like to thank you for the wonderful opportunity to see the two plays ‘War Horse’, ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ and the spellbinding performance of the Cleveland Orchestra’. Beginning to feel more settled in and I hope the next few months will be a fruitful time for all of.

  3. ana paula jones

    So, good, we are meeting one another…Huê, did a incredible concert this past week, Alka and Daniela, we went to see a reharsal and a workshop of west african dancers and clevelanders, here in east cleveland…after we went to eat at Coventry road, the lovely street in cleveland! we are enjoying ourselves and the community…thank you cleveland foundation and our host organizations for the incredible life experience and exchange!!!

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