Summer of Purpose: Kristina DeGirolamo

If you haven’t noticed lately, there’s a rising pulse in the Cleveland: unity. It’s beating faster each day, growing louder and louder as we Clevelanders feel it and believe it.

And of course, I’m #AllinCLE, so you can bet a part of this unity has come from our very own Cavaliers. But the Cavs were definitely not alone in this movement. The first heartbeat? That would be the public and nonprofit sectors. It started with the organizations whose very missions state their desire to improve the lives of the Cleveland community. Cleveland has changed. The city has become revitalized because of the nonprofits.

This summer, I have the honor of working as an Advancement Intern with Stepstone Academy, a charter school associated with OhioGuidestone. Eight days on the job, and I’ve already found a home with the students, faculty, and staff at both Stepstone and OhioGuidestone. I’ve already dabbled in donor relations and researched new initiatives for Stepstone. Last Monday, I saw event-planning and fundraising at work as Stepstone celebrated their annual Golf Classic.

In eight days, I’ve seen staff who come into work with a grin every day, students who are excited about learning, and donors who want to impact the lives of others. Most importantly, however, I have already witnessed the binding ties of the community, sewn together to create the image of Cleveland.

And now, I am actively involved in the revitalization. I am the image of Cleveland. I am one of many hearts that are beating, louder and stronger, for Cleveland. I am #AllinCLE for the cause of Stepstone Academy, OhioGuidestone, the Cleveland Foundation, and every nonprofit and public sector that keep the pulse alive in Cleveland. Are you #AllinCLE?

Oh, and go Cavs!

Kristina DeGirolamo, a junior at Baldwin Wallace University, majoring in English, will be placed at OhioGuidestone.  Kristina will be responsible for fundraising activities to support Stepstone Academy charter school in collaboration with Stepstone Academy staff.

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    Terrific post, Kristina. I feel your energy and enthusiasm in every word! I hope our class provided a backdrop to your current work. #yj4lproud

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