An Introduction to the Creative Fusion Fall Class: Kuen-lin Tsai

Each time one of our Creative Fusion residencies ends, we think we will never see as wonderful a group of artists again. Each time we are wrong. As you will see with the Fall 2015 residency, our international guests have jumped into their work with both feet, connecting with the community and beginning to explore their own creative projects. We can’t wait to see what each of them will produce during their short but intense three-month stay here.

This is the sixth in a series of ongoing blogs introducing you to our new artists.

Kuen-Lin at the Cleveland Air Show

Kuen-Lin at the Cleveland Air Show

Kuen-lin Tsai – Taiwan
Hosted by Waterloo Arts 

After a long plane ride from Taiwan, Kuen-lin arrived in Cleveland and settled into his Cleveland Heights apartment with his roommate Hung. After a week of touring the city and resetting his internal clock -Taipei is 12 hours ahead of Cleveland – Kuen-lin began thinking about the shape his art would take during his residency here.

Kuen-lin works in a range of different media and has created and installed a number of public art sculptures in Asia, so the challenge of designing a sculpture for the large steel Waterloo Tower piqued his interest. In addition to concentrating on this public art sculpture, Kuen-lin has enjoyed cooking with the other artists, visiting the Cleveland Museum of Art and touring Cleveland’s maker spaces. He is taking a brief hiatus in New York City to attend a friend’s gallery opening and will begin building the sculpture when he returns to Cleveland.