An Introduction to the Creative Fusion Fall Class: Nicolás Grum

Each time one of our Creative Fusion residencies ends, we think we will never see as wonderful a group of artists again. Each time we are wrong. As you will see with the Fall 2015 residency, our international guests have jumped into their work with both feet, connecting with the community and beginning to explore their own creative projects. We can’t wait to see what each of them will produce during their short but intense three-month stay here.

This is the second in a series of ongoing blogs introducing you to our new artists.

Nico Grum creating clay sculptures.png

Nico creating clay sculptures

Nicolás Grum – Chile
Hosted by The Sculpture Center 

In their first weeks in Cleveland, Nico Grum and his wife, choreographer Isabel Torres, have already begun collaborative projects with local schools and institutions.

Nico and Isabel started an art project with seventh graders at Scranton, a CMSD school in Tremont. Under their guidance, the students will develop a Scranton School Art Collection, which will incorporate art objects they have made, sound and video recordings, cherished items from their own homes and any other sorts of “recordings” of memories and influences about themselves and their school they want to preserve.

Nico met with Irina Koukhanova of Cleveland State University’s art department to discuss a four-week project with her sculpture class of 26 students. In the well-equipped CSU studio, Nico is creating small clay sculptures and making plans for bronze and aluminum castings, all media in which he has never before worked.

Isabel recently met with the art director of the Cleveland Sight Center where she plans to choreograph a new dance and performance work with sight-impaired teenagers who visit the center.