Helping neighbors help their neighborhoods

City Repair @ Newark Creek Court river mural

Here at the foundation, we know that grants of all sizes can have a big impact. While million-dollar grants make headlines, a $1,000 grant can also be a catalyst for impactful change. When these dollars are invested directly into citizen-led neighborhood projects, they bring ideas to life. That’s the goal of Neighborhood Connections, the grassroots community-building program we established in 2003. Neighborhood Connections offers grants up to $5,000 to fund resident-led projects in Cleveland and East Cleveland. Since its inception, Neighborhood Connections has funded more than 2,375 projects totaling more than $7.78 million.

Just this month, Neighborhood Connections, with additional funding from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture, announced $288,672 in funding for 120 projects in Cleveland and East Cleveland. Here are some highlights:

Bringing fitness to the daily commute in Collinwood

Collinwood was awarded $3,690 for Bus Stop Moves, an initiative that encourages residents to exercise while they wait for the bus. Each local bus stop will have a different theme and exercise, infusing healthy habits into everyday routines.

Sparking scientific exploration in Kamm’s Corners

Riverside Park Community Outreach Committee was awarded $2,000 for “Reaching for the Stars: Science Discovery in our Community and Beyond,” a program that offers community activities for youth in Kamm’s Corners focused on science, nature and the environment.

Helping dads in Old Brooklyn build healthy relationships

Put Your Best Food Forward was awarded $780 for Back to Fatherhood, a project helping fathers who were previously incarcerated rebuild healthy relationships with their children through shared meals and outings, such as a trip to the zoo.  

Bringing neighbors together to beautify Clark-Fulton

Fulton West Block Club was awarded $4,950 for City Repair @ Newark Creek Court in Clark-Fulton. Through this project, neighbors will collaborate to paint a river mural on the Newark Court alleyway. This mural is part of a larger series of projects aimed at revitalizing alleyways in the neighborhood.

These are merely a snapshot of the diverse projects being funded. From resources for grandfathers raising children in Glenville, to classes on Native American culture in Bellaire Puritas and a neighborhood newspaper in Stockyards, the dollars from Neighborhood Connections and Cuyahoga Arts & Culture will empower local residents to make a positive difference in their communities. For a complete list of grants awarded by Neighborhood Connections, visit: