Apply for a Grant from the Minority Arts and Education Fund!

Photo of colorful mural by Ananda Nahu
Mural by Ananda Nahu Photo by Kathryn Dike

The Minority Arts and Education Fund (MAEF) is a supporting organization of the Cleveland Foundation that seeks to strengthen and build the capacity of organizations that promote the arts and cultures of communities of color, and to provide meaningful creative opportunities for artists of color. 

Current Grant Opportunities

Now through November 16, 2018, the MAEF is accepting applications for grants ranging from $5,000 – $20,000 to organizations that are led by people of color and serve, engage in, and promote the arts and cultures – both traditional and new – of communities of African, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander, Indigenous and Middle Eastern descent. 

Organizations may apply for grants to: 

  • Strengthen and/or grow their capacity to deliver high-quality, inclusive, and representative arts and cultural programming and services; and/or
  • Host fellowships for artists of color, providing them with meaningful opportunities to create new work, practice arts management skills, and engage with the community.

At least one organization currently holding 501(c)3 tax-exempt status must serve as lead applicant for an MAEF grant. Organizations that do not currently have 501(c)3 tax-exempt status are eligible to apply in partnership with a tax-exempt organization. Artist fellowships will not be awarded directly to artists; a 501(c)3 organization must apply to host a fellowship opportunity.

Applicants who have not previously received a grant from the MAEF are encouraged to apply!

Join Us Oct. 17 to Learn More 

Detailed application instructions are included below, but we also invite you to join us for an information session from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. on Thurs., Oct. 17 at NewBridge Cleveland to learn more about the MAEF and how to apply for a grant during the current application period. 

This information session is free to attend and open to the public, but registration is required. You can find additional event details and register to attend here

How to Apply for a Grant from the MAEF

Applications for MAEF grants must be submitted online by November 16, 2018. Hard copy applications will not be accepted. To apply:

  1. Visit the Grants Gateway here
  2. If you do not have login information, complete the Grantee Login Request Form.
  3.  Login to the portal and establish or update your organization profile.
  4. Scroll down to find the Minority Arts and Education Fund application.
  5. Complete the online application. Questions you will find in the application include:
  • Project Summary: In a few sentences, please describe your overall proposal.
  • Project Design: Explain how this proposal is relevant to/reflective of the arts and cultures of communities of color in Cleveland. How will this project strengthen or grow the recipient organization’s capacity to deliver high quality, inclusive arts programming and services? Or, how will this project provide a meaningful fellowship opportunity for artists of color to create new work and/or practice arts management skills while engaging the surrounding community?
  • Additional Information: Please tell us anything you believe we need to know in order to evaluate your project proposal. If your project involves a partnership between organizations, please describe the nature of the partnership as it relates to the scope of the project and use of the requested funds.

Finally, upload the Required Attachments, which include:

  • Line item project budget in the provided Excel template. 
  • Board list with affiliations.
  • Lead applicant organization budget for the current fiscal year.
  • Complete audit (if available, include auditors notes and management letter, if issued). If no audit is available, please provide: Statement of Revenue/Support and Expenses for your organization’s most recently completed fiscal/calendar year, Current Balance Sheet and Statement of Activities for most recently completed fiscal/calendar year.

Please Note: 

Proposals to strengthen the capacity of arts/cultural organizations will be evaluated on their ability to: develop, expand, and/or engage audiences; leverage or attract additional funding or investment; and/or improve the management and delivery of the work related to the organization’s core mission.

Artists engaged in fellowships do not need to make their primary living through art, but must have an existing public practice or body of work. Artist fellowship grant applications must explain how the work produced will engage with and be presented to the community.


For programmatic questions or information, contact: Courtenay A. Barton, Program Manager, Arts & Culture, 216-505-2225,

For application or technical questions, contact: Grants Management, 216-615-7254,

More About the MAEF

The Minority Arts and Education Fund (MAEF), a supporting organization of the Cleveland Foundation, was established in 1994 to provide for the planning, preparation, production, and/or presentation of cultural, educational, and scientific programs and projects which promote and benefit Cleveland’s minority populations.  

The MAEF is an endowed fund with assets of approximately $3.6 million providing grantmaking in the local community from investment income. The Board of Directors is comprised of two appointees by the Mayor of the City of Cleveland, two appointees by the Chair of City Council, and five appointees by the Cleveland Foundation. 


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  3. M.lahari bai

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