What lies ahead in 2009

A new year brings hope, the opportunity to start again, the chance to start fresh. 

But 2009 inherited some rather large baggage from the old year: uncertain economic times, budget cuts, and apprehension that have tempered these beliefs.  Still, it is important to not just react to the fears but to find the balance and work together to ensure the well-being of this region and its residents.

For the community responsive team, this means staying steadfast in its commitment to the nonprofit community and areas of impact. It also means asking and answering thoughtful questions, respectfully challenging the ways things have always been done, learning from and building on previous experiences and being open to change. 

It means looking across sectors for ideas and inspiration, sharing information, connecting people and ideas, and listening to elders while giving voice to the younger generations.

All of the members of community responsive team (Nelson Beckford, Kevin McDaniel, Jill Paulsen, and Paul Putman) will be participating in this blog.

It is one way for us to exchange thoughts, share passions and ideas, and pass on resources that have been helpful in our work or made us think differently.   All of us welcome your input as we begin this new year of great challenges but incredible potential together.