How Can Nonprofits Avoid or Address Financial Emergencies?

A great look at what nonprofits can do to help solve their money woes:

10 resources from the Foundation Center:

1. It is critical that your organization develop and closely monitor a sound fundraising plan that includes detailed outlines for securing a diverse array of support and revenue. Learn how at our free class, webinar, or full day seminar.

2. 20 Emergency Funding Sources for Nonprofits. From Fieldstone Alliance, this web page includes “sources that can be accessed quickly, usually within 30 days,” along with this note of caution, “Not all of these sources are available to all nonprofits, and some of them carry great risk.” The strategies included are detailed in these categories: cash flow management, contributed income, earned income, debt financing, and existing assets.

3. Adapting to Change: 22 Structural Strategies for Nonprofits. Also from Fieldstone Alliance, this web page includes 22 ideas “involving organizational change. When major external change happens, it’s important to look internally to revisit and, if necessary, revise your mission and approach in order to serve the community in the best way possible.” Ideas, opportunities and action steps are displayed  in the following categories: general advice, modify mission, modify organization structure, and modify organization culture.

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