Alert: Dramatic Changes to the GED Ahead

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The GED is getting overhauled. Starting in January 2014, the GED will be based on the national Common Core state standards, designed to better prepare grades K-12 for the workplace and higher education. The GED is accepted nationwide as an alternative to a high school diploma,

The test will be complex, strategic, and analytical. The reading sections will more than double, from 200-400 words to 450-900 words. The long essay based on personal experiences will disappear, replaced by short essays drawing evidence from literary or informational texts. Math will extend beyond algebra to include polynomials, graphing, and quadratic equations.

The test will be 100% computerized. Since it’s a timed test, a student will need to be very comfortable with keyboarding and using the mouse, especially for graphing.

It will cost more: 300% more. Currently, the GED costs $40. The new test will be $120, and be available only at three testing sites in Cuyahoga County. A student must register at a test site, using a credit card.

If a person has passed portions of the current GED, those scores will be wiped out after Dec. 31, 2013. The last day to register for the current test is Aug. 9, 2013, and places are limited.

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