An Introduction to the Creative Fusion 2014 Fall Class: Chi-Yu Liao

Once again the foundation has the pleasure of welcoming six remarkable artists for the Fall Creative Fusion residency. As chance would have it, we have two artists each from South Africa and Taiwan. But each is very different. In this diversely creative group, we have a puppeteer, a concert violinist, a documentary photographer, a video artist, a sculptor and a painter.

This is the third in a series of ongoing blogs introducing you to our new artists.

Liao blogChi-Yu Liao – Taiwan

Hosted by Cleveland Institute of Art

From the moment Chi-Yu arrived on September 2, she has added a vitalizing energy to the Cleveland Institute of Art’s community. She very quickly became at home in her studio nested in the Institute’s Painting Studios. She can regularly be seen zipping around campus on her newly acquired official Resident’s bike. Between trips to the electronic and thrift stores and her work, she’s also found time to sit in on a critique with Tony Ingrisano’s Junior Painting class, attend the Intitute’s Trenton Doyle Hancock Visiting Artist lecture and make the scene at any number of openings including: The Sculpture Center’s “Japanese Contemporary Fiber Sculpture in Miniature” and “Tina Cassara and David Sapp: Threads, LInes, Traces;” Hancock’s show at the Akron Art Museum; and the De Materia show at Waterloo Arts. She also has ventured outside Cleveland, taking an impromptu trip to check out the Chicago Art Expo.


Organized by CIA’s Reinberger Galleries’ Director Bruce Checefsky, Chi-Yu’s work will be on view in the Institute’s Project Space located in the Joseph McCullough Center. Her opening will coincide with the “Community Works: Artist as Social Agent” exhibition featuring the work of artists Maj Hasager, Dor Guez, Caroline Woolard, Susan Jahoda and Jose Carlos Teixeira on November 7 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.