An Introduction to the Creative Fusion 2015 Spring Class: Mauricio Cristobal Cortes Fuentes

Once again we are privileged to welcome an amazing group of international artists into our community. Clustered from two geographical locations – South America and Eastern Europe – these six artists have already formed a strong bond with each other and with aspects of the Cleveland art scene. As you will see from their first few weeks here, they have enbraced the cold, the city, our cultural institutions and many of our young people already. We can’t wait to see what will come over the next two months. 

This is the first in a series of ongoing blogs introducing you to our new artists.

Mauricio at the SAG Conf - Spring 2015Mauricio Cristobal Cortes Fuentes – Chile
Hosted by Zygote Press

Mauricio and the entire Zygote staff recently took a road trip to the Southern Graphics Conference (SGC) in Knoxville, Tennessee. SGC is an international printmaking conference that draws more than 1,500 students, print academics, curators, technicians, print merchants and print-based artists from around the world.

Mauricio was able to purchase engraving and sharpening tools and other products unique to his niche practice at the incredible product fair. During the conference, he attended several demonstrations including some focused on basic and innovative principles for engraving on copper. He also viewed many of the contemporary print exhibitions taking place throughout the city. During the trip the Zygote team had the opportunity to talk with Mauricio about his life, work and upbringing. Mauricio commented that a conference like SGC would never happen in Chile because print makers, and artists in general, like to keep their ideas to themselves. It was special for Mauricio to see the open sharing of information that took place at the conference.