An Introduction to the Creative Fusion 2015 Spring Class: Antonia Cruz

Once again we are privileged to welcome an amazing group of international artists into our community. Clustered from two geographical locations – South America and Eastern Europe – these six artists have already formed a strong bond with each other and with aspects of the Cleveland art scene. As you will see from their first few weeks here, they have enbraced the cold, the city, our cultural institutions and many of our young people already. We can’t wait to see what will come over the next two months.

This is the fifth in a series of ongoing blogs introducing you to our new artists.

Antonia working in the photo lab - Spring 2015.bmpAntonia CruzChile
Hosted by Cleveland Print Room

Since arriving in Cleveland, Antonia has wasted no time making new friends, creating art and meeting local artists. Antonia participated in a day-long digital photography workshop hosted by photographer, Brush High School teacher and Cleveland Print Room Advisory Board member Hadley K. Conner. She also met with local photographer Diana Hlywiak, who will assist Antonia with her culminating project. Antonia and fellow Creative Fusion artist Mauricio Cristobal Cortes Fuentes were introduced to a number of Clevelanders involved in the local art scene at a recent dinner party hosted by Cleveland Print Room Executive Director Shari Wilkins.

At the Print Room, Antonia began working with photography students from Saint Martin de Porres High School in a class taught by local photography instructor Heather Murray. Antonia is learning black and white photography processes that she will incorporate in her final work. After a quick darkroom primer, Antonia spent the second week of her residency creating photograms. In her free time, Antonia has explored local arts organizations, galleries and museums and was featured as a “guest DJ” on Case Western Reserve University’s radio station, WRUW.