An Introduction to the Creative Fusion Fall Class: Kop Thammapruksa

Each time one of our Creative Fusion residencies ends, we think we will never see as wonderful a group of artists again. Each time we are wrong. As you will see with the Fall 2015 residency, our international guests have jumped into their work with both feet, connecting with the community and beginning to explore their own creative projects. We can’t wait to see what each of them will produce during their short but intense three-month stay here.

This is the fifth in a series of ongoing blogs introducing you to our new artists.

Kop working with Rainey students

Kop working with Rainey students

Kop Thammapruksa – Thailand
Hosted by Rainey Institute

Shortly after arriving in Cleveland, Kop spent Labor Day weekend attending community events in northeast Ohio including the Cleveland Air Show and the Geauga County Fair. She also visited the Cleveland Museum of Art and MOCA, and has been exploring the east side of Cleveland on her bicycle.

As a theatre artist and Ph.D. student of peacebuilding, Kop is interested in how theatre can contribute to the process of conflict transformation, particularly on a personal level. She provides personal storytelling workshops and turns the stories into plays.  Kop’s artistic talents are also expressed through Akido and ceramic mask-making.

Kop has begun the process of connecting with Rainey staff and students, and is teaching the Rainey community about the art and culture of Thailand. She recently launched a series of classes at Rainey that will include theatre exercises, visual arts and puppets, and storytelling.  She also is working with students to create Halloween decorations.  Expanding her outreach beyond Rainey, Kop will conduct a series of workshops at Judson Manor and Judson Park that will include movement, dance and yoga.