Spotlight Encore Cleveland: Encore Career Network Helps Agencies Build Capacity

Thanks to the Encore Career Network, Towards Employment was able to tap into the talents of Encore employee Tim Angbrandt, who helped identify marketing strategies to grow Bloom Bakery (pictured).

Launched in 2013 by the Cleveland Foundation, Encore Cleveland helps to connect and fund a network of organizations to provide experienced Greater Clevelanders an array of meaningful opportunities in the community upon retirement or near the end of their primary careers. In our “Spotlight Encore Cleveland” guest blog series, we go behind-the-scenes to explore the many opportunities available through Encore Cleveland. Learn about the Encore Career Network at Mature Services in this guest blog from the organization:

As community needs expand, the public sector often finds itself with diminished resources to meet those needs. Here’s the good news: nonprofit and government agencies can now turn to Encore Career Network, a division of Mature Services, to address this paradox. “Our service leverages the talent, experience and institutional knowledge of retirees and near-retirees to build both administrative and social services capacity to meet unmet community needs,” notes Melanie Collins, Manager of Encore Career Network.  

Each day, some 10,000 Americans turn 65 and 77% of them anticipate working during their retirement.* On average, an Encore employee spends an additional 10 years in Encore assignments. “This provides nonprofit and government sectors with an unprecedented pool of talent that could not have come at a more opportune time,” according to Paul Magnus, Vice President for Workforce Development at Mature Services.

One agency taking advantage of this resource is Towards Employment, who tapped into the talents of Encore employee Tim Angbrandt to help identify marketing strategies to grow Bloom Bakery, a new social enterprise employing and training individuals reentering the local workforce after experiences in the criminal justice system. “Tim’s marketing insight and expertise lets him jump in wherever he is needed – from store signage to product packaging and expanding the catering business – his impact is making a difference,” says Adaora Schmiedl, Director of Development and Marketing at Towards Employment.

Encore Career Network places individuals in part-time positions ranging from 15-25 hours per week. The Encore site pays $15.00 per hour to cover the cost of the $10.00 per hour wage for the employee, payroll taxes and costs of administering the service. This flexible approach provides agencies with a convenient way to enhance their staffing for short or long-term projects. So far, Encore assignments have included marketing consultants, teaching assistants, finance and accounting staff, mentors, human resource staff, grant development, marketing and data analysts.

Encore Career Network consults agency partners to identify needs and position requirements. Staff then search for candidates in the network’s database of more than 268 individuals, or if needed, search for candidates from the general community. Pre-screened applicants are referred to the agency for approval. Once the match is made, the employee is placed on Mature Services’ payroll. Interested agencies or individuals are encouraged to contact Encore Career Network at 216-361-9750 or visit online at


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