Spotlight Encore Cleveland: Encore ACTS has Something for Everyone

Encore ACTS volunteers working in a community garden

Launched in 2013 by the Cleveland Foundation, Encore Cleveland helps to connect and fund a network of organizations to provide experienced Greater Clevelanders an array of meaningful opportunities in the community upon retirement or near the end of their primary careers. In our “Spotlight Encore Cleveland” guest blog series, we go behind-the-scenes to explore the many opportunities available through Encore Cleveland. Learn about Business Volunteers Unlimited’s Encore ACTS program in this guest blog from the organization:

“I’m too busy.”

“I don’t know where to start.”

“I can’t make a commitment right now.”

Perhaps you’ve been hearing about Encore Cleveland for a few years now, but – for one reason or another – you haven’t felt like it’s the right opportunity to get involved. 

No more.

We hear you. And we believe that Encore is for everyone – no matter how much time you have, what your interest is, or how regularly you can participate. The answer? Encore ACTS (Achieving Change Through Service).

Encore ACTS seeks to utilize the knowledge, skills and talents of experienced individuals from all backgrounds in group volunteer opportunities that serve and strengthen the community. We are a group that brings together people ages 50+ to have fun while making a difference.

Encore ACTS organizes group events that allow volunteers both new and experienced to engage in service while connecting with other like-minded adults. This combination of volunteerism and socialization is a fun way for adults to come together to create meaningful change.

How does it work?

Encore Acts volunteers onsite at service projects

The Encore ACTS committee sets up a variety of volunteer projects throughout the year. Each event features a different nonprofit and different type of activity, exposing volunteers to a range of ways to engage in the community. By joining this group, you are not making any type of financial or time commitment. When a new project catches your eye, simply register for the event and enjoy!

Two volunteers work in a garden Don’t like to dig in the dirt? Don’t register.

Busy that day with your granddaughter’s 5th birthday? Don’t register.

Never heard of that organization before and wonder what they do? Register!

Interested in the project but don’t have a friend who wants to come with you? Register! You will make friends at the event!

This year we have 7 fabulous volunteer projects lined up. You can come to just one or sign up for all of them. It is your choice!

How do I get involved?

Projects are scheduled throughout the year. Simply visit our website at to view upcoming projects or join our mailing list so you can be notified when a new event is scheduled. You can also follow us on Facebook so you can easily share event information with friends.

Have Questions?

Please call Heather Englander at 216-736-7711 or email

So, no more excuses. Join us and make a difference in our community!