#CreativeFusionCLE x #FRONTArt2018: Meet local Madison Residency artists!

Building facade of the FRONT Porch at PNC Glenville Arts Campus
Madison Residency artists will engage the community with programming at the Front Porch (pictured).

Have you picked up the Winter 2017-18 issue of CAN Journal? Inside you’ll meet the six local artists participating in the FRONT International: Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art Madison Residency, presented with support from our Creative Fusion artist residency program. The six local artists selected for the residency will collaborate with six national and six international Madison Residency artists, who will come to Cleveland for “An American City,” the inaugural FRONT International edition in 2018.

The newly opened PNC Glenville Arts Campus will serve as home base for the Madison Residency, with members of the cohort living in The Madison residence and sharing their work with the community at the adjacent Front Porch building. The goal is to foster exchanges between the local, national and international artists, and connect them to the Glenville and Greater Cleveland community.

The local Madison Residency cohort includes sculptors, painters, writers and performance artists. The artists range in age and background, but all were chosen in part for their ability to cross boundaries. Meet each of the local artists and learn about their work here:

During their residencies, the artists will organize meetings, screenings, classes, shows and public programs at the Front Porch, in the Glenville neighborhood and beyond. Stay tuned as they begin their work!

In addition to our support for the Madison Residencies, we’ve provided support to CAN Journal for a companion triennial to FRONT International, which will focus exclusively on artists based in Northeast Ohio. The CAN triennial will include an art gallery fair and curated exhibition scheduled to take place July 7-29 at the 78th Street Studios. We’re excited to shine the spotlight on our local artistic talent when the international art world turns its attention to Cleveland during the FRONT Triennial. Learn more about our support for the CAN companion triennial here.