#CG2018 Stories: FredWalk This Way

A group of people walking outside on a sunny day

Follow our “#CG2018 Stories” blog series for updates, information and stories about Common Ground 2018 and related events. This guest blog from Nelson Beckford, Cleveland Foundation Program Director, Neighborhood Revitalization & Engagement, highlights a series of guided neighborhood walks leading up to Common Ground!

By Nelson Beckford  

The best way to learn about a neighborhood or a place is by walking as a pedestrian. When you walk, all of your senses are engaged. It is a not a neutral or passive act. You see the trees, hear kids playing, feel your feet on the sidewalk and smell the corner bakery. As a lead up to Common Ground, we invite you to explore your surroundings by joining us for FredWalksCLE.

A group of people on a neighborhood walk stop to talk about a siteFredWalksCLE are expert-led walks that encourage personal and shared observations and reflections about our streets, natural areas, neighborhoods, cities and region. Join us on a walking conversation as we learn from:

  • an urban planner about the history and future of Playhouse Square,
  • a geologist about the deep history of the Central/Kinsman area,
  • a police Captain about community policing in the Buckeye area
  • a naturalist about the Shaker Parklands/Doan Brook and West Creek watersheds
  • and more to come…

FredWalksCLE will meet, depart and return to a defined location and should last no longer that one hour and 15 minutes. We encourage you to dress comfortably – we will be walking at a moderate pace. Please help us plan for an accurate head count by registering for the event ahead of time! Register here. (Please check back if registration has not yet opened for the FredWalksCLE of your choice.)