#OurCGStories: Rosanne Potter

People sit outside at a group of tables

#OurCGStories blog series highlights Cleveland Foundation staff who participated in our 2019 Common Ground day of community conversation on June 30.  In today’s blog, we hear from Rosanne Potter, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, who attended a Common Ground conversation at Spice Field Kitchen.

Name: Rosanne Potter

Common Ground you attended: Spice Field Kitchen

Why did you choose to attend that Common Ground conversation?

It was outdoors on a beautiful day, it was close to my house, it was during the time of day I was available and it seemed interesting!

What’s your favorite memory from the day?

My favorite memory from the day was connecting with the Spice Kitchen owner and other table participants about their environmental concerns. We discussed how we can do even small things to help our environment and become more involved in sustaining our environment.

Rosanne and others talk around a table outdoorsWhat are some of the community issues you discussed at your conversation?

  • Pollution, and environmental hazards we aren’t doing enough to help eradicate
  • How, as individuals, we can get more involved – even if only in our own homes and local areas

In your opinion, why is Common Ground important for our community?

It really connects you to topics and people that you otherwise don’t think about or address. It opens your eyes to the issues discussed, and provides a platform and connections that can help you get more involved. It’s also a great way to spend a part of your Sunday meeting new people and seeing new places. All the Common Ground conversations I have attended were extremely enlightening and well worth my time.

What surprised you about your Common Ground experience?

How much I’ve enjoyed it, how well the conversations were organized, and how people really adhere to the ground rules and are respectful of other opinions. I was also surprised at how beautiful the Spice Kitchen location was, and would have never known about it. I gave them a contribution after being so impressed with their work.

A group of people get food at outdoor buffet tableWhy should someone consider participating in Common Ground?

  • It’s a great way to open yourself to community issues and get ideas on how to become more involved in your community.
  • You can meet new people and make wonderful connections.
  • It’s a fun and educational experience.
  • Common Ground makes me want to do more!

Want to learn more about Common Ground? Get the details and make a plan to participate in our 2020 Common Ground day of community conversation on June 28 here