Host a 2023 Cleveland Foundation Summer Intern

Summer interns at a cohort event

Now in its 24th year, the Cleveland Foundation Summer Internship Program provides talented and diverse undergraduate students and recent college graduates an opportunity to work within Cleveland-area nonprofit and public sector organizations during a paid summer internship. If your organization could use increased staff capacity for the summer of 2023 (Late May – August), has one to two important short-term projects to execute over the summer, and has the time and interest in helping to guide, nurture and develop emerging talent, then please consider applying to host a 2023 Cleveland Foundation Summer Intern! Host organizations can select to establish an 11-week internship through a standard grant, but the program will also consider specific requests based on your unique needs.

Summer Internship Host Site Eligibility and Responsibilities

An organization should consider applying to host an intern if it:

  • is located in Cuyahoga, Lake or Geauga counties.
  • is able to hire the intern as a full-time, temporary employee of the organization and provide the workspace, equipment, and resources that are required for the intern to complete their work assignments (which can be supported through grant funds).
  • has a vision for mentoring an emerging leader and a staff member that is available to serve as the intern’s supervisor – offering support, learning opportunities, and feedback throughout the summer.
  • has one (or a few) short-term meaningful projects that an intern could truly move forward as part of their work plan in about 11 weeks.
  • is open to providing feedback and engaging in ongoing communication with the Cleveland Foundation and/or other supervisors.
    • There will be approximately five opportunities for supervisors to formally convene throughout the process (before interviews with candidates, pre-summer, during orientation with the interns, mid-summer, and during the interns’ farewell).
    • The foundation will provide an initial goal setting document to support each organization’s onboarding and offboarding processes with their intern.
    • An end-of-summer survey will be available in the Grants Gateway portal in lieu of a final grant report.

The deadline for summer internship host site applications is Dec. 5, 2022. Contact for more information.

Learn more and apply here.