Spotlight Encore Cleveland: BVU Encore Fellows and Pro Bono Programs Provide Opportunities to Make an Impact

Tim Angbrandt stands in front of Cleveland Transformation Alliance Poster

Launched in 2013 by the Cleveland Foundation, Encore Cleveland helps to connect and fund a network of organizations that provide experienced Greater Clevelanders an array of meaningful opportunities in the community upon retirement or near the end of their primary careers. In our “Spotlight Encore Cleveland” guest blog series, we go behind-the-scenes to explore programs offered through the Encore Cleveland network. In this blog, learn about the Encore Fellows and Pro Bono programs offered by Business Volunteers Unlimited (BVU).

Tim Angbrandt, marketing consultant and founder of ANG Marketing Group, LLC, has been involved in the BVU Encore Fellows and Pro Bono programs since 2013. Applying his strong background in marketing, Tim recently helped to develop an evaluation system for Manufacturing Works’ youth workforce programs and is currently implementing a fund development strategy with Cleveland Transformation Alliance. From his work as a Pro Bono consultant for Towards Employment and Bloom Bakery, to becoming an Encore Fellow, Tim has made an incredible impact on local nonprofit organizations.

BVU has continued to grow its relationship with Tim, and he feels trusted and supported with each project he takes on. Tim became involved with the BVU Encore Fellows Program because he wanted to continue working with nonprofits in the Cleveland area. With each opportunity, he feels the goals are clearly defined in ways that he can make a direct, immediate impact within a short timeframe. In his current role as a fellow at Cleveland Transformation Alliance, he is helping the organization diversify and increase funding. He feels he is aligned with the mission and working with an organization that is having a major influence on the entire northeast Ohio community.

Tim is passionate about being a part of something bigger than himself and working with nonprofits that are exposing kids to different opportunities. Tim completed a fellowship with Manufacturing Works this past October and during that time he toured one of the factories. During the tour, he felt the engagement between the students and instructors was making an impression on both sides. By seeing the kids learning and actively involved with the tour, it showed Tim that his impact on bettering the nonprofit community was a direct result of  the work he was doing with the agency.

Considering his consistent commitment to giving back to local nonprofits, and the freedom allowed by the BVU programs, it’s a safe bet that Tim Angbrandt will continue to make his mark on the community for years to come.

If you have an interest in the BVU Encore Fellows or Pro Bono Program, please contact Sarah Castle at or by calling 216-736-7711.