Experiencing the Joy of Giving Together Through the Cleveland Foundation Center for Philanthropy

The Cleveland Foundation’s Center for Philanthropy provides services and insight on how families can maximize their philanthropic impact in the community. The center helps create meaningful experiences to bring families together to build a shared philanthropic vision now and for generations to come. Multigenerational engagement allows all voices to be heard with a customized, personal approach to each family. Facilitated discussions help inform and guide decision making, and the center’s strategic and legacy planning expertise ensures that each family’s philanthropic vision lasts for generations.

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Multigenerational engagement

The Cleveland Foundation provides service with a customized, personal approach recognizing that every family is unique. Through facilitated discussions, the foundation helps families collaborate and build consensus around shared charitable goals with input from each family member. The staff is trained and certified to help families navigate complicated multigenerational dynamics, and they understand that different generations have different approaches to philanthropy.

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Facilitated discussions

The Cleveland Foundation helps families of all sizes and compositions come together around a shared philanthropic vision. Collaborative processes are employed to foster teamwork and consensus-building. The foundation’s staff is skilled in working seamlessly with and across multiple generations to guide group dynamics and draw out the views of individual members. These group meetings can be in-person or virtual to bridge geographic divides.

Strategic and legacy planning

The foundation helps families explore shared values and explore key community issues. Families will create a mission statement to help guide decision-making that aligns with their short-term and long-term charitable goals. The foundation’s generational giving strategies enable families to plan their philanthropic legacy. This includes developing a fund succession plan and establishing a fund for children or grandchildren.

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Advantages of a donor advised fund

Some families may have a private foundation or are considering opening one. Investing these assets in a donor advised fund (DAF) can be a savvy alternative with a multitude of advantages. A private foundation may take months to establish, whereas a DAF can be set up immediately and provide a level of discretion in philanthropy that a private foundation naturally inhibits. The Cleveland Foundation staff help administer the back-office functions and leave the joy of grantmaking to donors and their families. Learn more about becoming a donor today!

For additional information, contact Kristen Grabenstein or a member of the Advancement team via 877-554-5054.

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