The Corporate Community Gives Back with the Cleveland Foundation Center for Philanthropy

The Cleveland Foundation is uniquely positioned to help companies give back to the community. The corporate funds and services offered through the Center for Philanthropy help businesses of all sizes take a strategic, cost-effective approach to realizing community benefit. The foundation’s simple, efficient funds are a great way to maximize the impact of a charitable giving budget while minimizing administrative costs. Collaborating with the Cleveland Foundation helps corporate partners and their employees maximize their community impact while allowing them more time to stay focused on what they do best.

Corporate meetingCorporate advised funds

One of the primary ways an organization can impact the community is through a corporate advised fund: a flexible option for giving that enables corporations to donate a wide range of assets, including cash, stocks, bonds and real estate. A corporate advised fund provides the ability to personalize the fund’s name and make donations in the company’s name or anonymously. Investment options are carefully selected and managed as part of the foundation’s multi-billion philanthropic portfolio. The Cleveland Foundation allows corporations to outsource grants administration and processing, and the foundation’s user-friendly and secure online portal allows grant recommendations at any time. Corporate Advised Funds provide immediate and maximum tax benefits and allow fund holders to avoid high costs and IRS filings.

Executive advised funds

Another corporate service provided by the Center for Philanthropy is the executive advised fund. This is a way for a company’s leaders to donate separately from the company and impact the community in a more personal way. These are confidential giving vehicles that provide tax benefits to offset income. The Cleveland Foundation offers personalized charitable strategy coaching and multigenerational philanthropy services. This is a turnkey program which can be seeded by the company to enhance compensation packages and make giving easy. 

Businesswoman discusses corporate charity opportunity.Personalized service

The Cleveland Foundation staff have in-depth grantmaking and corporate giving expertise. The foundation understands how a strong philanthropic program can delight customers and boost both a business and its community. The Center for Philanthropy takes a personalized approach to help companies craft and execute philanthropic strategies in line with their unique mission, values and business goals. The foundation has a broad understanding of the community’s needs and the nonprofits that serve them. The Cleveland Foundation can help companies and their employees make the largest impact with their charitable budget.

Corporate Network

The Center for Philanthropy also offers networking opportunities for corporate funders. Companies across Northeast Ohio partner with the Cleveland Foundation – and each other – on community projects and maintain important connections through region-wide civic and philanthropic endeavors that leverage resources for the greatest return on investment. There are several outreach and engagement opportunities for corporate community relations professionals and Cleveland Foundation corporate donors throughout the year. Quarterly luncheons feature guest speakers and topics that are important to the corporate philanthropic community. Members of the Cleveland Foundation Center for Philanthropy’s Corporate Network receive special invitations to these exclusive events and important news and information throughout the year.

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