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Gearing up for SmART

We have been conducting registration for the 2008 SmART in the City program, a free, five-week total arts immersion camp for City of Cleveland fifth- and sixth-graders. SmART is a remarkable partnership of funders, arts organizations, local artists and...

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Getting out in front of the words

“Artists are often out in front of the words,” said Anna Deavere Smith in her keynote address cum performance at the Creative Voices Summit at Cleveland State University this week. “How do we deal with this in school, where it’s all about the words...

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Of head scarves and at-risk children

This past Wednesday, two days after 11 Turkish artists and educators arrived to start Phase II of a year-long exchange program between Cleveland and Istanbul, the Turkish Supreme Court overturned a law permitting the wearing of head scarves in Turkish...

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Renting audiences

It was not until I read the latest issue of the Wolf-Brown consulting firm’s newsletter that I encountered the concept of “renting an audience.” But according to Matt Lehrman, executive director of Alliance for Audience of Phoenix, this is what so many...

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