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David Campbell

How I Spent My Summer: David Campbell

  When most people think of vital services to the community, public transit usually is not the first thing that comes to mind. However, for the millions of people that rely on public transit to get to work every day, it is a necessity. With the rising prices...

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Joanne Neugebauer

How I Spent My Summer: Joanne Neugebauer

This summer I was placed at University Hospitals, splitting my time between the Center for Child Health and Policy at Rainbow and the newly formed Office of Sustainability working on projects focused on the multiple ways food and the hospital intersect. When...

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Nick Borchers

How I Spent My Summer: Nick Borchers

As over 250 young professionals departed Edgewater Park for BVU’s Summer of Service event, BVU’s mission of “linking businesses and nonprofits to foster excellence in the nonprofit sector” was running through my mind. Interns and young professionals...

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Colleen Halpin

How I Spent My Summer: Colleen Halpin

Everyone knows who Amelia Earhart was. Her disappearance is perhaps more widely known than her participation in the 1929 Women's Air Derby, but here at the International Women's Air & Space Museum it is her life and her contributions to women in aviation...

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Andrew Gotlieb

How I Spent My Summer: Andrew Gotlieb

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth” - Sherlock Holmes I have had an amazing opportunity this summer to intern with Cleveland Housing Court and Judge Raymond L. Pianka. Cleveland Housing...

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Eric Vega

How I Spent My Summer: Eric Vega

I can vividly remember just like it was yesterday when Ciba Jones from the Cleveland Foundation called me and said, " Jeff of Ohio City wants to offer you the position. Do you accept?" I jumped up and down in excitement and said, "Oh my God, yes...of...

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