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Steve Minter’s four words

As part of my training as a new Cleveland Foundation employee I watched a video of former CEO Steve Minter sharing his perspectives and highlights of the history of the foundation. I knew that Cleveland had the oldest community foundation (95 years old this...

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Supporting faith-based organizations

Project Access, the nine-month program designed to strengthen the leadership, management, program, and community advocacy skills of faith-based organizations in Cleveland and its inner-ring suburbs is accepting applications for 2009. Organizations interested...

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The rules of community organizing

Neighborhoods are composed of homes, businesses, schools, people, families, local government, and institutions.  When these components are effectively marshalled, a strong and healthy community is the result.  Lately I have been thinking about the role...

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What lies ahead in 2009

A new year brings hope, the opportunity to start again, the chance to start fresh.  But 2009 inherited some rather large baggage from the old year: uncertain economic times, budget cuts, and apprehension that have tempered these beliefs.  Still, it is...

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Grappling Forward

I’m sure it’s the season, and maybe my eternal optimism in the face of the daunting challenges we face, but I have been looking for a few good maxims to inspire me into the coming year.  I got a great one from Rev. Otis Moss Jr., from his address to the...

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