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Fatalism in the Garden

The Anisfield-Wolf SAGES Lecture at Case this week was delivered by Jamaica Kincaid, a 1997 winner of the Anisfield-Wolf Book Award.  Ms Kincaid is known for her perceptive and thought-provoking writing on gardening as a metaphor for life. Her lecture is part...

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Open Season for the Artist

Please note I said open season FOR the artist.  The first round of Fellowship grants to 20 local visual artists was delivered recently by the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture.  The second round, for performing and literary artists, is now in the...

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A SmART Goodbye

The foundation just completed its third and final year of SmART in the City, a unique, comprehensive summer arts camp for urban pre-teens.  It is with both pride and sadness that I think back on the three summers past.  Pride, because the foundation created...

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How big is your network?

Did you ever see those Verizon commercials, the ones that boast about the size of their network?  The Verizon network is made of a spokesperson with an army of technicians and suits who are there to support you - the customer.    As I reflect...

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