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Is theater dangerous – can it cause riots, upset the applecart of perception, change the world? Or is it merely a fancy of the intelligentsia that art can actually counter prejudice, illuminate the dark corners of injustice, actually advance society? Who...

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Kevin Ritter

It IS About The Language

Among the many rewards of working here at the Cleveland Foundation, one that I particularly enjoy is the opportunity to have some connection to the Anisfield Wolf Book Award ceremony each year. If you don’t know about this award (and shame on you if you are...

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Reflections From the Community

Over the past few months, the community responsive team has held another series of dialogues with nonprofit agencies in branches of the Cleveland library system. We have had the privilege of meeting with over 130 individuals representing the many sectors of...

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The Arts Reformation 2.0

In a number of past blog posts I have talked about how the world within which the arts now function has changed so dramatically that there are real questions about the relevance of the arts as traditionally experienced. I wrote about this dilemma, among...

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Advice From Grantees

A discussion of hashtags needs to start with a discussion of Twitter. I first blogged about Twitter in early 2009 (see post). Since that time more and more nonprofits and foundations have started using it (including @CleveFoundation). On the other hand, many...

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