Moved by the Past

Bui Cong Khanh (Khanh) is probably the happiest and most playful artist you could ever hope to meet.  He is also an old soul, wise beyond his years, whose creative work concerns itself with what we lose when the traditions of the past are cast away.  Khanh...

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Metro Catholic Carolina 1 006

Paper Magic

Carolina Illanes uses the most ephemeral medium of paper to capture the stone and steel of a city’s infrastructure.  You may be thinking that she is a draughtsman or watercolorist.  But no.  She doesn’t draw or paint. Her work investigates cities...

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Now Recruiting: Summer Interns

For fifteen years, the Cleveland Foundation Summer Internship program has stayed true to its goal of connecting undergraduate and graduate students with meaningful, career-related experiences in nonprofit and public sector agencies. The program adds value to...

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Dear Mayor Jackson…

Cheikhou Ba, from Senegal, was the quietest of our Fall 2013 Creative Fusion artists – but only in his speech.  His work spoke very loudly indeed, and his presence made a profound impression on all those he touched – especially the young people with whom...

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Przemyslaw Jasielski Poland

And Now, a Brief Analog Moment

Przemyslaw Jasielski, or Przemo, pronounced something like pshemo came to Creative Fusion from Poland, bearing the most remarkable dreadlocks, an engineer’s sensibility and an artist’s sensitivity.  A graduate of the Poznen Academy of Fine Arts, Przemo...

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A geography lesson - Taiwan

Happy Skin

Meng-Hsuan Wu (Meng – pronounced Mong), is a Taiwanese artist whose work employs whatever means necessary for her creative expression – paper, painting, sculpture, performance, video.  When Rainey Institute Director, Lee Lazar chose her as Rainey’s Fall...

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