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Michael Elliott

How I Spent My Summer: Michael Elliott

A good question determines the quality of the answer given and helps to uncover the underlining issues of a problem or challenges we will face in our particular fields. This has been my approach in life and it has served me very well in gaining new insight...

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Jennie Ford

How I Spent My Summer: Jennie Ford

First, let me explain my picture. I was inspired by the art posted on a building in Collinwood during a professional development seminar hosted by North East Shores Development, another host site. I couldn't resist incorporating the unique art I experienced...

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Andrew Katusin

How I Spent My Summer: Andrew Katusin

Curiosity did not kill the cat. In my first week at the Cleveland Museum of Art, being a curious intern has helped me find my sea legs and a rhythm at work. Asking questions about the organization's mission, the department's role in that mission, and how I...

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Meet Our 2012 Intern Class

The 2012 class of the Cleveland Foundation Summer Intern program is a smart, energetic and eclectic bunch. Each week, you will hear about their experiences, thoughts and reflections about their host organizations, the nonprofit sector and Cleveland. Stay...

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