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Making and Doing

On a number of previous occasions, I have brought up my concern that the arts – particularly the arts in Cleveland – are at a tipping-point moment. I fear that the future is tipping toward a not-so-slow slide downward unless there is some fundamental...

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Sleepovers, Community and Neighborhood

I was just reviewing my notes from an amazing workshop put on by our friends at Neighborhood Connections, the small-grants (but big-impact) program of the Cleveland Foundation. The presenter was Peter Lovenheim, author of the book "In the Neighborhood: The...

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Reflections From the Community, Part Three

It was a beautiful fall day when more than 30 organizations came together to share their thoughts on what was happening in Lake and Geauga counties. There were similarities between what we heard in some of our Cuyahoga County conversations but also subtle...

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Reflections From the Community, Part Two

The second part of the community conversations centered on how to deepen the relationship between the foundation and individual organizations, along with a discussion about what was working well with the foundation and areas for improvement. Here is what we...

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Nandipha Mntambo

A New Language Of Art

Nandipha Mntambo is a scientist, an artist and a thoughtful commentator on the cross-cultural manifestation of our entwined human and animal natures. Beginning with an early interest in pathology and forensics, she migrated into the arts to explore more...

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Young But Not Powerless

Millennials, also called Generation Y or Generation Next, are people born after 1980. I came across this article that made me think about the young talent that I have worked with in the Cleveland Foundation’s Summer Internship Program. The article talked...

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Is theater dangerous – can it cause riots, upset the applecart of perception, change the world? Or is it merely a fancy of the intelligentsia that art can actually counter prejudice, illuminate the dark corners of injustice, actually advance society? Who...

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Kevin Ritter

It IS About The Language

Among the many rewards of working here at the Cleveland Foundation, one that I particularly enjoy is the opportunity to have some connection to the Anisfield Wolf Book Award ceremony each year. If you don’t know about this award (and shame on you if you are...

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